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He's working in Capitol Saddlery
And he's sewing in the back of the place
He's old Charlie Dunn, the little frail one
With the smilin' leathery face
be back
But I loosened up the binds where my hands were lashed
And ran towards the cove where my boat was stashed

Singing, "Oh Wilson, someday I'll
Wilson ]
what I'm goin through
[ Yolanda Harris/Shirley Murdoch ]
(You have no idea)

[ Roger Troutman ]
(I can't make my ends meet)

[ Charlie
By the time you hear this song it'll be over. narlie charlie's back again. he's wearing a goatee. doesn't look the way he did five years before
I know
Is this mike on?

All the way from Hawthorne California we're flying over Carl Wilson who's 
going to jump 600 feet into a two foot cup
steady spitting this shit
make her mama jump back and say bitch is a pimp


[Charlie Wilson]
Of course she love my nine
Bitch I got that
[Snoop Dogg]
Beautiful, perfect, flawless, debonair

[Chorus: Charlie Wilson]
Where'd you get that silky skin?
And the colors those eyes come
He'd like to know if you and me could help him in some way
A little camouflage and glue to mask the evil that men do
A small diversion caused by two,
California, Here I Come
Written by Joseph Meyer, Al Jolson and Buddy G. De Sylva
Jack was sittin poker faced with bullets backed with bitches
Rock and roll hip hop.

You thought I'd fall off. I'll fall off into this dope-ass rock and
Roll track. Y'know?

Charlie Wilson. Bow down.
This is
let you come back
Whatcha want to Do? 

Chorus: Charlie Wilson
Cause my heart is yearnin for your love

Verse 2: Mia X
Now we been through
can't find my way back home

Oh the great big river
Rolls on and on
Oh the great big river
Makes my heart beat strong
Yeah the great big river
Of Little Anthony & The Imperials
But someone stole my record player
Now how do you like that?

Hey Charlie I almost went crazy
After Mario
the dark. 
In the morning,
Darkness fills my fathers heart. 

A distraught David calls at Kathy's house.
"Mrs Wilson something's wrong with Kathy."
the morning,
Darkness fills my fathers heart. 

A distraught David calls at Kathy's house.
"Mrs Wilson something's wrong with Kathy." 
"Don't be silly David
For reasons wretched and divine

She blows out of nowhere, roman candle of while
Laughing her way through my feeble disguise
No other version of me
[Chorus: Justin Timberlake (Uncle Charlie Wilson)]
I'm not sure what I see
Cupid don't fuck wit me!
Are you telling me this is a sign?
feels good

I know you'll come back running to me
When the thrill is dead and gone
And you realize the love you need
Was right here all along
like 1, 2, 3
Here comes the hop along kid Charlie B.
I'm constantly moving with my walkman kicking
My bunnions are crying beaving plicking
body died 
In fifteen ways

When I heard I grabbed a cab to where he lay 
'Round his arm the plastic tag read D.O.A. 
Yes Jack, I gave it back
back home tonight
And my heart is sure
No one else could love you more
Than me, myself and I

Me, looking hard at myself
Without you by my side
[Chorus: Charlie Wilson & Nate Dogg]
She was just a groupie (She just a groupie)
She was just a groupie
She was just a groupie (All she wanted was
(Reese Wilson)

I could stop right here turn this car around. 
Walk back through the door put my suitcase down. 
Tell you I'm sorry and things
grave that's
Visited by drivers on their way
They plant wild flowers upon it
In the morning fair and fine.
'Tis the grave of two young lovers
I wish I'd never come back home 
It don't feel right since I've been grown 
I can't find any of my old friends hangin' 'round 
Won't nothin' bring