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Drivin' by, wavin' my fist
        Makin' 'em mad when I'm goin' like this
        Top gun, never on the run
        They know not to come cause they all
me what the 98 can do
Boy, lead the way to ecstasy)
Baby, come get down with me

Baby, let me love you to the 98th degree, girl
And heat it up
toe to the 9-8
As we dip da through the 9-7
As we tip toe to the 9-8

Daddy you trippin

Come here momma
Momma don't cry
No we don't need my daddy no
[Killah Priest] 

In hip hop I'm a pro fessional 

no questions asked  better check my jewels 

from 98 to 2G's  I rule 

Killah Priest
the yard, it's hard, but you're in
So you do your time and never let the time do ya
He lost his mind that's what the time'll do to ya
A brother in the box
He need not heed the neighbors now
And throw me up for all to see,
The flies of August swarming me

I get a ride
Right by your side
Under your
[Text by Hate Rodvitnesson]
[Text by Nocturno Culto, Sept. '98 for Mactatus exclusively]
[Music by Mactatus]

"In Blasphemy I rise
For the burning
some gots to have it
Kill or be killed
Only time will reveal
I think by myself
And I drink by myself
From 9-8 until
Let me know it's real son if it's
smothered by the other kind
No so divine so I heard it through the grapevine
Sent the feds out to get mine
Time yo-yo to go Bronco in 90-91
Laughin' while
the grown
Get it straight in '88, an' I'll troop it to demonstrate
The posse always ready, 98 at 98
My posse come quick, because my posse got velocity
got the feeling 
Let's dance, come on and get down 

Brand Nubian '98, hot shit for your ass 
Get up everybody, make your ass move fast 
Check it
wit heat
If it's some static I shall chalk and sweep
I go and get the B's up off but chief
"Come get me if the phone for me I'm at the party across
98% are not at war!
I was raised by my mam
We didn't have the time to meet the breadline

I spent my whole life
Caught up in a cloud to make

1.17.98 it's been a day that I've come to hate
As I walked into the video store
There she stood as my jaw fell to the floor
Tapping her toe
Cause ain't another
Her kids trying they off they ass
It's gettin' rougher and tougher
By all means nigga get your cream
Stop storming what they
And when I say it they get alarmed

‘Cause I’m louder than a bomb
‘Cause I’m louder than a bomb

‘Cause I’m louder than a bomb
Come on

‘Cause I’m louder
I'm louder than a bomb

'Cause the D is for dangerous
You can come and get some of this
I teach and speak
So when its spoke, it's no joke
this boy hot

Hot Boys
Hot Boys
Hot Boys
Hot Boys

Alright stop it 'cause I done had enough
When it comes to my pockets I'm ready to bust
gotta' fix it
Check out the justice, and how they run it
Sellin', smellin'
Sniffin', riffin'
And brothers try to get swift an'
Sell to their own, rob
fit raps articulate
You get your whole skeleton cracked somethin ridiculous
Still facinated by my ste
Little P wanna be me, huh you no D

One time
this boy hot

Hot Boys
Hot Boys
Hot Boys
Hot Boys

Alright stop it 'cause I done had enough
When it comes to my pockets I'm ready to bust
Glad to get high and see the slow motion world
Just to reach, and touch, the half notes floating
Worlds spinning orbit quicker than 9/8ths Dave
a million rhythms
Want em come get 'em
What bitch you pussy nigga
I'm just having fun wit 'em

[Chorus: x8]

Still telling niggas
I ain't wholing I
know what it is, man
I told ya'll, huh? I didn't? Watch this one, though (Goon Squad!)

Aiyo, I know niggas that get dusted and wild out
They foul