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That's right, Sarai can get it krunk
How much junk you got in that trunk?
Come out the house, get on the street
Hear Cee-Lo, let out the 'Closet Freak'
It's more than just fuckin believin' it
I'm holdin' them ones, rollin' up my sleeves an' shit
It's cee-lo for push-ups now, many headed for one
on the corner, playin' cee-lo, rollin' for half a kilo.
Yo, you'll never see G-low a-goin' below.
Yeah, straight gettin' fortunate, as long as fees was torchin'
where it's nuttin but beats
Nuttin but cee-lo where pushers pay the dice off defeat
I got the Rove' out the shop, take the Chrysler off the street