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singing this song, out version of a John Sebastian song
Darling companion

Darlin' companion, come on and give me understandin'.
And let me be your
of the Flavor Unit
And we are Naughty By Nature, and we will just do, by terminating you

I can snap, rap, pack, click-clack, patter-pat-pat
Take that ass
of guy

It’s cold outside and I can’t tell you to go
All the roads are frozen and I’m begging you not to drive home

Stay with me tonight
Lay your head
forgive me if the clothes's ain't right.
I wouldn't want you hanging with uncool guy.
No flannel shirt and no tattoos, maybe I should grow a beard.
Don't ya
Sheriff John Brown just wandered into town
Looking for a cripple and a thief
A black man and a woman and a lonesome guy like me
Just trying
les écarts se créent quand c’est carcéral.

In my pocket, I'm
And I love my horse, he try to ignore me
Scratch my back and you'll force me to dump
Dump, dump, dump, put 'em on stunt
And drive my horse into the sun
horse and you got your pride
You ride til there ain't no place to hide
It's sad cause the bad guys always die

He was "Shady," I seen by the look

This guy I didn't know, walked up to me
But the closer he got, the more I could tell
It was the man they call Howard Cosell
The guy you'd see