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The bitter end

She found herself  lost one night
The road back home, no where in sight
She tripped she fell, scattered and torn
Crippled by
hang me
Tied to my job a blast scene alibi tied to a tree in a blind alley
Nothing before
A big fear
Don't get caught
By her father's friends
racket an' whispers and roars
The bitter and sweet between the truces and the wars
The noise and the quiet, the courage and the fear
And all of the wisdom
The climates right, prepare to fight
Observe the light in the dark night
Onward we ride, nowhere to hide
You fear in side, let the battle begin

Be hold a land
your heart it fills with rage
Driven by words that sealed your fate
There's nothing left as we descent
Upon your bitter sweet revenge

Pain grows
The fear of the end
Lives in all of us
Heart and soul of man
Ravaged by greed


Heart and soul of man
Ravaged by greed
Denial and deception
as fast as they can
'Whore' is what people roar
From fear of rejection,
You'll come back for more
Strong, don't see that love has ceased
In the end
I am the demon cloaked within the light of darkness
Wretched one of heart so black
The bitter cold of death surrounding
Fear within your soul
Forsaken in no mans land far beyond the point of no return 
Fury passing into panic, elimination until the bitter end 

The fallen ones will never
The grand show of the universe

For great are the forces
Of fusion and flames
There, where the bitter fear ends
Where power grows in strength

You're always haunted by the love you lost
You're scared that
You'll forever pay the cost
You believe this is the bitter end
Better lonely than be
you're on your knees, who do you believe? 
Fear is a lonely man 
You've been given innocence 
You've been given innocence again 

You should know by
blinded by the pitch
The narrow darkness, clogs the street
I am speechless
I am speechless
Fear puts a rush on my steps
As I stare into the spinning depth
Unseen by the believed
Unbelieved by all who see

So when you become every dream abhorred
A being so bitter not worth
The weight of ice in his words

carries on

Hallowed grounds for a hallowed home
Deep within the Highgate crypt

Privy by a chanced encounter fated by the glimpse
The bitter loss
soon fail to realize 
Or do we realize too soon?
An idea is fallen
A face frozen with fear
We sacrifice unity
We sacrifice safety
By agreement we
soon fail to realize or do we realize too soon?
An idea is fallen
A face frozen with fear
We sacrifice unity
We sacrifice safety
By agreement we
Shrouds of pain another year
Return to their boneyard
We surviving ones await in fear
Mourning unsurpassed
To the bitter end
Broken dreams and broken lies
take this to the bitter end

For myself.
For my friends.
For my family.
I'll take this to the bitter end

You don't know a single thing about me,
knew no fear.
For just one blow at any foe to tell his end was near.
So many tried to mock this Celtic son.
They taunted and they teased him till
makes you move and move the movement
This is how I focus, knowing it's not hopeless
But it sure starts with me and ends on a whole note
We'll never lay down and die

This isn't hopeless
We'll keep on fighting until the bitter end
This isn't hopeless
We'll carry on

Forget about
The son of Lugh MacEithleen knew no fear 
For just one blow at any foe 
To tell his end was near 
So many tried to mock this Celtic son 
They taunted
to you
I'll make you pay, it's true
You'd better listen
These may be my final words
Make no mistake my friend
I'll hold you 'til the bitter end
I'm frozen within the ice and bitter wind
I'm far from blameless
Left alone to the beginning of the end
As seconds bleed down everyone
I can't