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witness life flash before my eyes
My sense of purpose is encouraged by my will to survive

Looking past that day toward my future
What will it be
She was born with her fists all clenched up for fighting
She looked out the window and she laughed at the lightning
Just the kind of citizen this
didn't mean to seem rude so I accepted,
But arrived a half a second early, right cross connected -
Oh, staggered him, just by taggin' him,
Mr. tough guy,
didn't see you in all black when everybody was suitin' up,
Back on the block, kickin' it in and it was no you with us

8 miles and running, got my 7
from wrong (and beat him black and blue)
Caressed the boy with his clenched fist the only way he knew.
He never went to school that much 'cause he could
The archbishop run from the Knox
A Chris biscuit plus play the heart, wrists glisten
Goon captain, catch me in Africa black down with 4 5
Of truth, Asiatic discipline's frightenin
some who act dumb embraced by decadence
The weak in the wake of true black militants
Hear the call and all heed
somebody better turn me off or try to unplug me
Ooh it's starting to get ugly
Don't miss this, hold on with a clenched fist
As I tongue the microphone
he'd thrown it
There was something else clenched in his fist
And when they pried his fingers open they found the Medal of Honor
And the Sergeant said:
Reminiscing, holding her necklace in my clenched fist
Ha, it's funny how we move in sudden directions
Dedicated my life to the public's protection
you like the Mack said
And if he lie like a crackhead pop 'em like a black head
Let him ooze, let him loose
Let him lie by his motherfuckin' ass
If I was cloned never would I be alone
Just the two of us motherfuck the Lexus
Strange fruit be hangin' in Texas
Rope be holdin the necks
it,’ He said
Away they drove

Dale and Pete
Were in a pile of trainers and feet
Clenched fists and black eyes and chipped teeth
Their dads had
And you doubt God exists, when hard fists
be poundin on your head like jackhammers
You're trapped in the black drama, you hear the laughter
Ways of the scale scientific fist, have a kiss

By the way, vanglorious! 
This is protected
By the red, the black, and the green
At the crossroad!
Ninety seven to two thousand, check it! (Ha! Ha! La!) 

Jericho sound
No Woman No Cry (We 'bout to set it!) 
Yes! Yes! (We 'bout to set it!)
your conscience ended up - whattup? (WHAT!!)
Aiyyo black men, you're dyin' by a dozen cousin
So all I do is walk away yo' Prince as if nothin' happened
and a second to die

It was crazy how it happened
Some niggas rolled by in the Riviera capping
All I could see was a pistol spitting rounds
And the boy was
The kids was just starin' at each other
J.D. rolled by and smoked black's brother

Reached in his coat and grabbed a 'port
Full speed down Reed, shot his
sometime soon) 
Faker than a fist of kids 
Speakin' that they're black 

When they're just niggas trying to be Greek 
Or some tongues who lied
up, black?
Some ho-ass niggas bust a cap and shot my nigga Mack
They killed my nigga, now I think them hoes are after me
Just dump the body and meet
North Wind at my back On the Bridge of Death no
turning back The Cavern waits before me, a Falcon
at my fist Seven Rings of Knowledge I exist . .
a crack dealer by the name of peter
Had to buck him down with my 9 millimeter
He said I had his girl, I said "now what are you? stupid?"
But he tried
just letting me ride
You would do it if my name was DRE
Second coming mothafucker throw it up for the king of L.A
I'm known for making bitches take
suspicious by the way he slid his feet
Didn't want to fuck up the come-up
So I smiled with my eyes said "hey, how's it hanging guy?"
Bumped into his