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Awakened by the hands of Autumn
The hands which made me sleep
Straight in the eyes of Winter
Was a shadow, vague yet deep
A creature, spine
Stood there leaning to the city moon,
Casting silhouettes tall to grip her white rooms
The black-clad voyeur in his black-clad masque
rumble of thunder

Rain beat against my face
Quench the thirst of mother earth
The wind in my hair
Behold the flash of the silver hammer

As the dying sun sets behind the mistveiled mountains
And the shadows grow deep amidst the Aeidolon Fangs
The snowclad peaks almost hid by the cold
Later that day we made our way to the old cathedral door
A flame a figure a shadow walked away towards the tower alone
We must be close nearby hope
a tower to bum
Torch, a flaming brand, a pyre blazing scourge
Heretics Clad in flames die in silence

It is no doubt the right way
The perfect way to go
lies beyond, now I know my fate
To dwell in the fathomless depths of eternity

Into the cold voids of eternity

Landscapes clad in the frozen veils
It's the orgy of the free 

It was at first as 
If they were shadows 
Shimmering visions 
By the light of the dancing flame 
Bodies in motion
It's the orgy of the free 

It was at first as 
If they were shadows 
Shimmering visions 
By the light of the dancing flame 
Bodies in motion

I sit and watch the candle and the flicker of the flame
My writhing shadow twists and turns as though it is in pain
I'm trying to escape
piles of smoldering leaves
Beware, an old flame is still burning there
Don't stare, shadows in the smoke whisper everywhere
Everywhere, anywhere is
Now approach the shore at dawn
All is still the light of daybreak is yet to be born
Clad in morning dew asleep
The city's walls rise before us men
Search inside my purse to buy something worthless

99 problems all gone in that one joint
And the neck gold froze like he held it at gunpoint
of thieves
Before the skies crack

Jack of Shadows, cloak of constellations
Draped around his body, blanking out his face
Jack of Shadows, don't believe in
falling farther in darkness eyes wide lacking comprehension as 
Silhouettes dance in the flames their limbs bound by the shadows that seem 
To stare back
the city mortician out through the flames they ran
The grand parade of girls in gowns and hat clad gentlemen
Through the thick gray smoke that certainly
All day I'm walking in a dream
I think about you constantly
Just like an ever flowing stream
Your memory haunts me constantly
Shadows fall and I try
visions stirring, 
Kindled by and burning flames rise in her eyes. 

The doorway stands ajar, 
The walls that once were high. 
Beyond the gilded cage,
the Battle, don't wait in Silence
Dance with the Devil, the Dance of Might
Living in the Shadows, avoiding the Light

[Lyrics by GAUT '99]
[Music by MACTATUS]
Lux venit lux venit
Lux venit sursum corda
Lux venit lux venit arise
Shine for your light has come
By sword by flame
In death solemn ages passed
dark past lies cold
Shadow, my sweet shadow, to you I look no more

In circles I catch
A torch carried by the immortal
From depths that I created
In vain
ripper and drink with the Gods
And see the World in Flames

See all this stupid Religions
And all these Losers
All this brings you a Fucking Shame

Each breath we take lingers in the air like echoes in the night
So I stare at my shadow on the wall it flickers by candlelight

Grind my teeth
Perceive how our shadow and movitz mon frere
Within a darkness en closes
How gold and purple in the shovel there
To gravel and rags disposes
each tear that falls
And I cast a lonesome shadow on these lonely, lonely walls

He's always by my side at night no matter where I go
He lurks out in