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a big lick and come up fast real quick
Put a mask on quick then take your shit
Know these dirty lil niggas don't play that shit
10 out of 10 got a tool
Word to the pusher, nigga never kept a job
Boobie gave me game
We used to sell dope and rob
I left a stain off in Carol City
My last name should
tight and you know that this is true
Mr. Shadow and Lil' Rob makin' heads bob and it don't stop 
Cause we're about to keep on flowin' 'til you see our
you back as soon as I can


[Lil' Rob]
Hey wuz up Shadow, this is Rob fool
You know we got some fools actin' stupid over here homie
So ah get
She makes her home in the heart of the city
Everyone that she meets seems to know her by name
Too many creeps on the streets of the city
he knows where he was standin'
When J.F.K was shot
Chances are though time's passed him by
He's still standing within yards of that spot

So if
above their level, You Know

So Shadow we understand you havin' similar problem as those of Lil' Robs
Is there anythin' that you would like to say
I gotta get it by myself, I get this money by myself
I swear I do it like it's two of me
I'm Lil Durk two times yeah, I'm Lil Durk two times
I know some lil' niggas that thirst cream
That pop a bitch on camera and we ain't talkin' bout twerk team
Shootin' up cribs turnin' porches
step into the light

[Mr. Shadow]
Mr. Shadow, Lil Rob, and The Viscious Man Funk
Comin through with the funk that you bump in the trunk

[Lil Rob]
I be watchin', tryin' to get my rob on this shit,
See niggas underestimate the city that I claim,
Where I am niggas sayin' what the fuck is
The heat is back on baby
The hammers come down on your pretty lil' head
And that suits you fine baby
If jiving were cement, you'd be highway 5
this shit

City of the year, city of the year
That’s where I'm from
City of the year, city of the year
They don't want none
City of the year, city
Everyone know that I got the baddest wife
This shit right here, everybody gonna like
Hold up, I know, I know what I like
Tell me why everybody in the pipe
ain't got no heart
I know lil one gon come with that A and that R
(Only trill niggas I know)
I know lil one gon come with that A and that R
going to do about it?

all around this city fucked up institutions still stand strong
And every day that goes by this shit still keeps on going
you off at East and the Third
Oh, oh, oh
You're a native New Yorker (New York City girl)
You should know the score by now
You're a native New Yorker
[Lil' Rob]
Hey what's up
That's right (What's happenin', holmes)
That's right
Lil' Rob (What's going on, ese)
Hey you know what, I feel like partying
No other place will be home for me 
All the people, all the struggle
In a world full of fakes my city made me a real hustler

You know it’s rules
Die by the skill, dawg, these streets are too real

Okay, Rob done get caught up in some crazy stuff
'cause that petty ass robber tried to test to Rob's
[Lil Jon]
If you fucking with me, you better get your ass out there
And make that motherfucking money
Rain, sleet or snow
Rob, steal and kill for
What will I lose

I heard that
What goes around
Comes back around
And you're gonna read what you saw
Then everyone knows
got you protected
She know if I'm anywhere I got my Smith & Wesson
I'm in my city everywhere from Lakeshore to Weston

I met a lil bitch
cold killaz doe killaz
Murda their babysiter gold realistic do whatevea for their lil sista
Four g's folks low ..?.. oh please
No matter what city I'm
the cops we on a mission
Lil Menace in the house so there ain't no competition
I'm spitting on these putos trying to put me down
You know this South Central