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mouth son and play the guitar

And you just wait and see
Well, Bo made it, he made it real big
And so did the rest of the Rock 'n Roll scene along
Ain't no sense in crying Lord I'd rather see you smile
Come down from the city life and stay with me awhile
There's so much that nature wants
The only shit I ever had a lot of in my life was some bank moves
I needed loot so I said fuck it, and started pullin gank moves
Brompton city bashin', car crashin', bong blastin
It's the alcohol abusin' white trash kid
With the mad vocalism, straight from the top of my lung
all de ghetto yute dem around de world 
All de man dem out here that just trying make a better life 
For they self by any means necessary 
'Cause man
into a key

Mo' money, mo mother fuckin' mail
Post on the block, come back and drop knots in the garbage pail
Peepin' out the window with the ak
My whole crew balling
Pushing roses down to the impalas
On a mission for dollars bumping hoes
You know my motto
All about the cash 6
Naw, not givin a fuck, not givin' a fuck about shit 
To me I see life 
Like its a bunch of fuckin' bullshit 
'cause everybody's
And she's really not sure why
But she's got to try and find a way
To live before she dies

She might see Rock City
She might see Ruby Falls
Rep my city every night
Hundred thousand worth of ice
Tight work, boy that's life work
Crystal clear starin make your eyes hurt
Time for the new
or power, you could be touched

Ashes to ashes, nigga, dust to dust
You shorten your own life when you fuck with us
See, I was nurtured by the bosom
[Featuring Lunasicc 151] 
Chorus: see Bo 
All I ever wanted was a pair of Nikes 
A Lexus a mansion and eternal life 
Maybe what it was I was
[C-Rayz Walz]
Yeah!  (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah..)

I got flavor like Adobo, you ain't know though?
My rap go back like quack delioso{?}
Get the fuck up!
Simon says get the fuck up!
Throw ya hands in the sky (Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo!)
Queens is in the back sipping 'gnac, y'all wassup?
the City on the Hill, the City on the Hill

Each one thought that they knew better
But they were different by design
Instead of standing strong together
From their boats of iron 
They looked upon the promised land 
Where surely life was sweet 
On the rising tide 
To New York City 
Did they ride into
First off we the mutha fuckin' Thug Lords
Now for all you niggas bangin', that mutha fuckin' West Coast like nigga?
You know what I'm
it's 187" - [Snoop Dogg]
see-Bo: So listen up for the cock
"187 don't stop" - [Dr. Dre]
"''Cause it's 187" - [Snoop Dogg]
see-Bo: So listen up for
this city by storm

Big city life, well here's my take
There's a crack in the picture, window gonna break
It's a catch 22, catcher in the rye
Ease this selection
Under close inspection
This one in a Stet perfection

Bo! Bo! Bo..

Mi say everywhere mi go dem call me Daddy
And mi close
Why'all think that I'm done, Run don't got no flow?
What is you loco? I'm grande gato pa-po
Run and Bo, D.M.C. and Fat Joe
Fo' cats on the same track got
[Talking - see-Bo]
First off we the mutha fuckin Thug Lords
Now for all you niggas bangin, that mutha fuckin West Coast like nigga?
*** bangin'
Me, I'm ridin' by you on the corner, block ***

I'm livin' that boss' life
The *** come runnin' when they see me comin'
I'm livin' that
Yo, here we go, listen to the po' 
Shoot the bo-bo and act like ya know, ho 
Fuck with the flow and die 
When I walk by say hi to the bad guy 

It feels alright
The grass is high
Live your life, before it passes by

Travel the road of the country side
From city to city, we're taking