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and a laugh
Dem a look fi my demise wid dem lies dem a work dem witchcraft
Pon elected and protected by the chief of staff
So make dem get feisty dem face
and a laugh
Dem a look fi my demise wid dem lies dem a work dem witchcraft
Pon elected and protected by the chief of staff
So make dem get feisty dem face
And then we are like lions
And we will not leave until we eat

Playing kings and playing peasants
Do we get what we are owed
An eagle comes and talks
Deep within my heart
I've been searching my way through
As the river is spreading the hue
From green to blue

Carry on the flame
Try to rule
mother lied, sound familiar?
It's the fucking Lion King
You stole from a Disney movie, you androgynous douche, what's next
The story of a French king
Golem II: the self-perfecting
Human mind correcting

Totem of the living
Self-organized, wrought from the clay
Our king by night,
from out the PJ

Young kings, young kings
I be rollin’ with some young kings, young kings
And all we know is one thing, one thing
Get the money nigga
duty -
He's been posted up to heaven.
Enlisted by conscription - a participant unwilling.
Who didn't plan to give his life for taking the "King
King of kings, Lord of lords
The Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah
Yea he is the only king of the Sabbath
And the Sabbath is only the future
And Wisdom is the principle thing for Kings and Queens 

It goes: life  difficult times  and mad crimes 
Some pay the price  while others refine 
And your mission location is Uganda
Uganda? Cool, where is that?


Oh boy, like Lion King

Two by two
And now it's time to go
And his truth is like loyal lions, ready to feast
At the first drop of blood that falls down from the beast
Roam these streets with iced out case
By faith
Abraham refused to say, his life was done
By faith
When he was a hundred, Abe went and had a son

By faith
Moses snatched the Israelites
For what you value, for what you care,
Well it's a pressure situation
Life encountered from day today,
Uneasy feelings of uncertainty.
Back by
Mysteries of your life are hidden in the Ivory Tower
The science of your works defends our people and kingdom
You are the only one, chosen by
my life don't need no other man's wife
Don't need no crazy lifestyle with stress and strife
But it's good to have turn to be a king for a day
Or for
And I'm tumbled by her.
Circle around the sun, turn turn turn
Someday my turn will come
Stretched by time and torn by fate
I'm held together by the flesh
as her life slowly fades away to vanish into this night night divine"
"from order to chaos, from the light to the night

The blood of a virgin I offer
Dying by my hand

A black age of fire
Brief in its vicious eloquence
Removing the dross
Love will arise from the ashes of your loss

Lion in your heart, eagle in your eye
Awaken to the dawn of eternal life
Let your spirits beat to a distant drum
Dreams of Africa, children of the sun
being dug
Knowing that he won't come back
And I won't be here for much longer
Even if I become like a king
Or like the wind
Never never will death
the eyes that would view me

Forever, alone with the fears and the haunts that pursue me

King of all kings
From atop this throne I shall reign
Kings adored, abhorred
Apple, crown and sword
Lions green and red
By fire killed and wed

One more day youÂ'll see
Master good John Dee
of the essence when you're hanging by a thread
And the answer to your questions won't unravel in your head
When you're staring at forever from the edge of life's
All will be the mourning ones
All the daughters, all the sons
Still we're here, but soon we're gone
Circle of all life
Let's embrace the time we