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feeling every time I see you
And every avenue I walk I'm behind you
Your back is turned and your eyes are closed girl
You move in circles that are out
Got a circle of success you can say I'm way around it

Yeah and by the way my name is Touch????

[Verse 2 - Birdman]
Uptown roller, take it off
a circle,
But it's over and over again.
Over, over.

Little words,
Little games,
The dramas we played, left behind.
Little friends,
Little names,
circles til we fall down laughing
All your days begin and end in make believe and just pretend
Running barefoot in the rain, oh life was just a game
and starring the game
And speaking of the game, he gon' be stopping by the studio later on
But right about now, I'ma hit you off with another slapper off
who's the victim?
Is it the player?
The one bein' played?
Or simply this game?

Early in the morning, he waits by her door
But she's not there,
trade it for the world, just me and my girl

We playin' games go around in a circle,
Its the same old game from the beginning
Gotta get my head on my
talking big game but never gonna do shit
Your girl ain't smelling right tell her douche it
Dance, nah fuck it back to the music
I had this hi-dea about
the honey's
DJ bring it back, let it go
Mix it in with Black Rob, make 'em say whoa!
Every thing full circle, Game livin' major
Girls on my hip like
game on 'em
Drop that drop that game game
Like it's dominoes

Cause [?]

Beanpole on the playground, size six Chuck Taylors
Little girls
fast, like a cheetah, get out the two-seater
Walk up on a girl named Anita, or Rita
Ask her for change to put money in the meter
Didn't really need it
this it`s simple
I drop science on the instrumental
I take seven ill drums put `em in a line
And add seven more snares to make it combine
It`ll take
the brave mentality
Heard that it's drama at home
Can a dude break free and still get honored at home
I was told by a chief it's the games nature
Bitch I'm mean - I'm a millionaire by 25
Someone call up death, we about to vote these nigga's out the tribe
Someone pass me the baton, I run the game
Every thing full circle, Game livin' major
Girls on my hip like a Skytel pager
Now I'm on the top, let the champagne pop
Throw ya hands in the sky
girl bangs like Dre instrumentals
Well, here's an acappella of mine

Two all up in the club
Got my game tight, about to tear it up 
just fly stand by. I flew all around the world but you can't be a fly dude with out a fly girl. {Ya'll really need to step ya'll female game up. Forget
together, to make it feel like one
Body and soul surrender, when love has just begun
It takes two, it takes two

I've been blinded by this fear inside
suckas hating on my name cause I'm next
Protected by the planes
J-L-R family crest
Momma fall back from them lames and fly with the best

Get paid
at the pool a bit, time to repent again 
Mostly men have a gun just put that down on circle purpose 
When the poo of the world, got me standin by the circle
Rockin' Los Angeles, House of Blues in Sunset
Performin' like an orgasm, my girl ain't even cum yet
Seen her by the side of the stage givin' me energy
on the edge of insanity
And rhymin' like its the end of humanity
Still people from the old neighborhood can't stand to see me
Turn around and tell girls we
to get out of my head
Comes full circle all in the end, I hope
Could one-word shirts in songs be just a joke?
And her name is a never-ever-ending game
Casualty, wept over the whole fuckin galaxy
Battle me, your styles a game like Sorry
Or like Atari, I'm gnarly just like a Harley
Davidson, I take
acting like we rap
This the circle that'll murk you, blackout, short circuit
Somebody show them square ass niggas the first exit
This here reserved for