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Motherfucker, you'd better break yourself

My skin is my sin, look at my complexion
Section 8, erection great
Balls like Ru Paul and a big fat
 through their daily exercises:
Put your hands on your head, Simple Simon Says
Put them down by your side, Simple Simon Says
V V: How do you
And it ain't my night to get buried in the dirt
But it is your day to get buried by a verse,
It'll be another ten years before you see an MC Ren here,
as statues can't catch you, turn pockets empty
If they're packed with plenty move some to ones lacking any
While I take a crack at hacking the bank to jack
that ball and tall
I used to sell it white as Paul Wall
Gave my young boi three of them in the mall
And he gon' bring me 75K back tomorrow
You know what
ass soft commercial rhyme
I don't sound like Phyllis Simon or the Wynans
I rock Central Park but do not mistake me for Paul Simon
I can't hear nothin
RDVs 55th paul's liquor try and talk slick if you crazy
Results in getting stomped by doc and stu-baby
Keep ridin paseo for me 
If you ridin
14:3 is important
Because it says we're all sinners addin' up more sins

I don't want to praise my crimes
Because I know that that would be impropriety
to get buried in the dirt
But it is your day to get buried by a verse,
It'll be another ten years before you see an MC Ren here,
Where he been, I been
of her friends are looking bright
All we need is a lil' more x and a hotel room and a bag of lite
A greeny is to living life burning by the laughish
and mountains 

Fountains rivers lakes brooks and ponds 

Inhabit by rabbit snakes and swans 

Energy is solar life barreling beyond the sun controller
my hands scrubbed
Swear I've been baptized each 3 or 4 times
But in the land where niggas praise Yukons and getting paid
Its goin' take a lot more than
Something like my brethren
The legendary Andre 3K, Cee Lo, Goodie, and some other men
You should pay some homage, it's an honor this
This is not
Press 3 if you accept the charges, if not hang up

To my cousin Darren Ranch, stay up homie
To my brother Chris Butler, stay up homie
you cry a fountain
You purse snatch while I earth snatch and take the earth back
Have you runnin' like Devils bein' chased by the church
there is fear
From the eternal burning of each of your lies
Flights of headlights
Black clothes and limos
Another negro startin' to decompose
From his
used to jerk Paul now he's my boss
Lonely if I lost, my light on the pathway
Nomore Bubba K., just as white as a trash day
Say you can take the boy
heart by three simple vision

[The Visions:]

The first was a planet engulfed by the sea
No dry land in sight, not a mountain or tree
No rock jutted out
the merry-go-round

Three AM is midnight for the soul
Never is a man so close to death
The house of temptation is at hand
Souls are damned

What's the purpose
The rich will retreat to private bunkers with their wealth and possessions.

The injustice of inequality is sanctioned by the church.