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Everyone in Nacadoches knew Tom Ame's would come to some bad end 
Well the sheriff had caught him stealin' chickens and such 
By the time that he
my people on the front lines

People, my people are dyin'
And we see it all the time
Don't know where our future would be
If he's not here, how do
the cancer
taking each day by day in life is the answer
they told her she had only few months to live
but she didn't give up,  a few years later here she is
the real is 
That's why he deal wit 
Ruff Ryders baby droppin bombs nigga feel this 


Why ya'll braggin, I'm over here choppin
Sittin' here, grillin' people like George Foreman
Why Uncle Ray and Aunt Shiela always performin'?
The second she storms out then he storms in
Y'all gon'
promise, you stayed by your mom when I'm gone
I'll be back in a couple of months, give me kisses I'll be missing you a ton
Homesick every time I'm
of situation
Only time I don't pack heat is on vacation
Ands that's the blow dryer next to the PlayStation
I'm big but I use shit to kill you quick
And I