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a trance
It's somethin' funny made by me and it's called the Biz Dance
I think the way I do it is so unique
By the way I move my hands, hip,s legs
my funky dance back
And once again, puttin' you in a trance
In case you all forgot it it's called the Biz Dance
A movement by the body that's made
cause you will be misled

By other people, devils and demons
I'm Biz Markie, I'm not Alfred Simmons
I'm just tellin' you to do this, without no doubt
to have a seizure still edgin' up my gold teeth
Headin' down you to go with Rich and get some protein
I'm giving bones so you're chokin'
I get biz every
of a Dark Sea
'89 rock Biz Markie, beneton, wit the matchin wallabie

Take the head of a nominee, nominated for wack mc's
Ya be better off doin' comedy,
a bill 
Now it's God will, like a ex-crack head said 
I'm like a fed, stuck in my head be the real information 
What out for Satan, waitin' for you,
car settlements!

[Chorus: Biz Markie (Erick Sermon)]
I say yes yes y'all {"One-two one-two"} to the beat y'all
Party havin people guaranteed to be like
of the steel

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