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that, sit back listen to this hardcore tridack
Not widdack criddack
Neve got embedded in the sould of a genius
From the tip of my toe to me penis, I mean
And his dick's been sucked by many lips
Many tips, or many Vicks, many sticks
And love to fuck with plenty chips

Want to spend our cheese,
do for a living, slice cold cuts? 
You look slick, but you know every Tom and Dick 
You're more quick than a chick from a porno flick 
While you
or a Jaguar
You didn't think G Rap was going that far
I'm here to tell off, because you thought I fell off
And now if you're riding the tip, just get the hell
Maaaaaaan what you know about a cat like are?
A dime piece nigga chicks catfight for
My gat strike war begin on the blocks
And got words