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Going down Morgan with Janko, Jerko, and Jerry,
We downed our Pils, and over at the South Shore, they sipped their sherry.
I opened my Kaiserized

I?ve been known to blow money on a stranger?s eye

To nurse my wounds and heal my pride

There ought to be somebody in my car

To drive me passed
When I'm screamin' she stays
To nurse my inner wounds 'til dawn
And when I sacrifice she prays
Crying like my heart was torn

No idea how this
a twister
The setting is a sinister slum where sex ain't sacred
By thirteen she was pro-active and naked
Had a gift to give but she would tend a path not
the tombs 
While living his life within his wounds 

He distanced himself from all his friends 
Even his sisters and brothers 
And as time it went by, he
specialize in misconstruing
We wanna be at a presidential level, what are we doing?
Fooling our self, clowning our self, playing our self
By not being our
Queen, you deserve the title
But she rejects what I give,
While she nurse the wounds by them,
Tried them, didn't work,
Got impossible standards,
Don't call me nigga, whitey...

Big fat extra-crispy bucket of chicken
2 liter of pepsi-cola drinkin' ass...

They say a negro ain't good for nothin'
and Aunt Cammy

A black man that was raised by black women
On tour, sippin your special honey and lemon
You told me, gargle with vinegar water and salt
married same girl he went to school with
Nice girl, nerd with glasses, he was to stuck
Studied for her masters, part time nurse
I tell you how superb
Before ligaments and fridges
The triple six digits religion
Might sacrifice pigeon's fidget
Was created by ancient midgets
My kamikaze cronies
shoves one back to a pattern of stab wounds
Swoon ridden goons consumed and driven mad soon
The attended years slowly fills with baboons
That other monkey
of clothes I remember havin' rocks in the hall
Onn the glimmer with the glock by the ball
Servin' up a jab and workin' security six to six
Then it's
and seen the image of a demon
At birth the nurses surrounded my with needles
And drugged me all up with the diseases of evil

Grew up in Hell, now I dwell,
chicken wangs 
I grew up on booty shake we did not know no better thang 
So go 'head and, diss it, while real hop-hippers listen 
Started by Afrikan
Look at ma, still whippin
Still keep a strap, won't hesitate to give the kids whippins
Tryin to make it to heaven, still livin
Make a visit, stop by
some prior arrest
Fa show ya know we're goin' westward hoe 
can you handle
half a chicken in the door panel
We at the mo' with a four-O and a joint
commits to strollin
Wound uptown on a hot ass block
Checkin with some chickens gettin hot ass cock
Daily Tray-Dee'll loose pursuit
But deez ho's broke
Smell that chopper kicking when it's lifting ya body
Quick as Bugattis, then I'm hitting the Omni
With a chicken licking my dick in the lobby;
'Cause we knock 'em unconscious with that non-sense
Read in between that fine print, think about lyrical content
Then about where your time spent
may be the next Steve Jobs
My best cousy a nurse with college degrees, God
Triple black bags, and Champion cone hoods
Blending in with killas that
may be the next Steve Jobs
My best cousy a nurse with college degrees, God
Triple black bags, and Champion cone hoods
Blending in with killas that
up Math?
Mickey Mirrors, true blessings
For what, X Era
Takin it to the clear this year

Faggots nervous but it's time to dance with night