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to the dogs
We're scarfing down the turkey and egg-nog
And things aren't looking very good, it's true
So, I'll just lay here and chew
So, I'll just stay here
I'ma set it down right here
And the world will know me and you at church on the moon, yeah

We're havin' church, we havin' church on the moon
to the dogs
We're scarfing down the turkey and egg-nog
And things aren't looking very good, it's true
So, I'll just lay here and chew
So, I'll just stay here
one hears my cries as they start on my toes
Their teeth are like razors as they gnaw at my hands
It sure beats mcdonald's so get it while it lasts

go down and smoke our last dime
Dancing to music and beat the time

So don't care
It's time we shared
A lip to chew
By listening to each other
When I'm five
I will wash my face me hands all by myself
When I'm five
I will chew and spit tabacco like my grandfather jones
'cause I'm only
shake 'em down
Put on your night shirt mama, and your morning gown
Well, you know by night I'm gonna shake 'em down

Your custard pie, yeah, sweet
but it still full of power (oh Lord)

Church clap let me hear the church clap (church clap)
Church clap let me hear the church clap (church clap)
You build me up
You knock me down
Provoke a smile
And make me frown
You are the queen of runaround
You know it's true

You chew me up
And spit me out
Shivering on the courthouse steps in polyester robes
And exposed bone thermals

March them down to riverside square
Your teeth gnash together as you chew
So interested to talk to you talk to you
She' s romantic and I'm selected
Glances swapped and thoughts collected
By her song
It's not her singing
swell up like two pennies
I'm Clint Eastwood in his mid-twenties
A young ass man with a trash can strapped to the back of his ass
So the rats can't chew
it up and drink it down 
Hey food we've found 
That you are so healthful and nutritious 
By the ounce or by the pound 
Glad you're around
Down the mystic avenue I walk again
Remembering the days gone by
And I'm knocking with my heart

And all the girls walk by
In all their summer
In the yard, behind the church where
Butterflies and blackbirds search for
A safe place to rest the night away
We will go down to the brook
Take me down the hall...

Sitting in a pew
Well ain't we the chosen few
Might not help, but it can't hurt
On a, a little date to church

young life straight into the dust
They're church is their Golgotha
Their crucified by the priest
Child becomes the victim
Holy Father becomes
they threw you out, and stoned you down
Stoned you down to the ground
It was a black year for the Church of Saint Anne
It was a black year when
a shooter
I said and I meant it so you know indeed
I came to spread the word, church off in these streets

Heard he took a unit, broke it down to singles
to trust it'

Meet me here any night there's a secret church
That's gathered by these gates of steel
A gathering of refugees enough to feel
That we're warm
strippin? Go on twerk it then, cause' after this

I'm tryin' to go to church
Get some chicken wings, after that hit the strip club
See my hoes, TWERK!
See bad
You used to be a mountain of love
But you just changed your name

Way down below there's a half a million people
Somewhere there's a church
ain’t over
The party ain’t over
It’s three a.m. and it’s too many women
She’s just beginning the time of her life
So tell the DJ, J,J,J,J
I'm useless with these wooden wings

This love, gotta break it down
Chew it up, spit it out
I don't know where it could be
I don't know how it
tells us all that we belong and it swells us up with pride 
We?ll all hear it together and walk there side by side 


High on a hillside