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behind that empty feeling inside

Start a new chapter
Find what I'm after
It's changing every day
The change of a season
Is enough of a reason
Moments of sadness, moments of guilt 
Stains on the memory, stains on the quilt 
Chapter of incident, chapter and verse 
Sub-heading chronic,
to take risk son of a bitch
I really disc jockeys at home jockin' my disc
I'm gon' pretend y'all ain't heard that shit
School boy 5'9 receive the hairlines
Hope I can make a bed tonight
I'll go to sleep alone
My true love stays unknown
My life's an open book
And it starts on chapter nine
This is my life and this is how it reads 
For every chapter, a thousand memories 
A murder, a mystery where everybody bleeds 
A fantasy,
of the beginning.
As my torso of vomiting worms dies.
My brain body is thrown in...
I=B9m to REBORN!
hell, they be like "you kid"
I’m ambidextrous, liken to Dexter
Murderous lyrical blood splatter over the texture
We live by that code, not to regret
Lucifer son of da mornin'
I'm gonna chase you out of earth
Lucifer, Lucifer son of da mornin'
I'm from the murder capitol
Where we murder for
been reading your Psalms and chapters
Paying your tithe, being good Catholics, I'm coming

("Lucifer Lucifer, don of de morning!  I'm gonna, chase you
call a pimp
That's what I call a gangsta
To the fullest, shit

I'm tryin' to make more cream
By every step to September 14th
That's my dream
So I
the undisputed champion, I'm in a class you can't be in
My words is flesh like Jesus, the aquarian

It's just a chapter of the night, in the ghetto afterlife
the nine-nine

That's where the thugs lurks, I done been out there
Seen them niggaz put in blood work
When I'm in the 100's you can always smell the scent
[Killah Priest]
It's time..

I'm tied up in the basement, blindfolded by nine soldiers
With rare paintings and fine sculptures, they spoke blatant
joggers, wear bright clothes
Tae bo, five flo's
Lizard, Centipede, Snake 
I'm a killer!

Cereal, cereal killer (This is the sound of a cow: Howl)
ultrasound in a frame
So I'm deprived of my chance to be a better dad
Staring at my twins that I never had
I shed a tear, looking up in the sky
Even though
five cents
It's seven, eight or nine, seventh time a month supply that

By fifty thousand, no more browsin', bitch I'm buyin' that
I'm ridin' 'Llac
that duty
So they can't do nothin' to me
Seventh flo' with the 'dro now, nineteenth flo' by the rocks now
Gettin' paper make me feel like
Oh, No
Don't me up on the myspace flippin out
Trippin with strippers you think I'm digging out
Me sayin that "I'll never be taken by the hands
This liquor, nine months ago swear I'd make better decisions
I would drink by the liter of kittens, my liver bleeds while 
I'm checking out instead
We bout to get real ugly up in this muthafucka
For the 9-9 and the 2-G
Def Jam  
Snoop Dogg all up in this muthafucka
Big Kap 

stuff you have to find
A beer will relax my mind but I still pack my nine
Cause I'm aware of all evil and devilishment
Because I'm living in a rat like
wit' j
But don't forget the gining
And then I go show my rings
And my fake gold chain
(edit)grab the nine like I'm off soul train
But I wait
Let them
you n in a minute I'm a veer
An by the pluck of the jugular see the blood of my lover and then I finish when your near
I'm sorry but I mean
I only fuck wit those, who only fuck wit me

A sucka' play for games, a man play for keeps

I keeps me a nine millimeter just in case

A coward's in
that mean I'm leanin' tough
I got them haters on my back so I be strapped up
I'm in a league of my own while them haters throw stones
But my mind