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Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Hebrews 4:13, Psalm 37:18

In the evening when I start to pray
I think about this day
Another page is turned
yours. Acknowledgements: First off, I wanna
Thank God. And I wanna thank everybody for helping me out
With this. Couldn't do it without you. Chapter 1.
tours, freakin' girls at 13
Young, black and missive, just livin' my dreams
Interviews, photo shoots, young teen in zoo suits
Hearin' grown women sayin',
tough and they've had enough 
And they won't come back again 

You've had your fun your money's gone 
You spend all day by the telephone
Scripture references:
1 Timothy 3:1-7
Jonah 3 (Whole chapter)
Psalm 51 (Whole psalm)
Romans 7:13-25
they die and what's the use
I'm so secure in jesus all I want in life is fruit
I I don't need no fast money
Don't need a fast car
Smelling like, money and champagne
Part of my campaign
I’m fucking rich my nigga
Some things I can’t change
Sometimes I swear I be so fly I mean I can’t
by on the way that waving
New five, that’s how we playin’
We have wave, I’m just saying
What you sayin’? What I’m sayin?
Money, hoes, clothes,
Smelling like, money and champagne
Part of my campaign
I’m fucking rich my nigga
Some things I can’t change
Sometimes I swear I be so fly I mean I can’t
money because it's no good
He won't and nobody should
He won't and nobody should

So sick and sad by the edge of the bed
I can't escape this feeling
Let me tell you how meny money there can bye
First class flight to the moon
Jewish Mafia nigga
Maybach music
October 13, Meek Milly, dreams
would meet death and his soul would leave his body
And after having completed the 13 steps the condemned man was met by a giant cloaked figure
And with
(where my money at?)
She thought he'd call (where my money at?)
She had a good day, bad day, sunny day, rainy day
All he wanna know is is (where my
with nothin' to loose
I BB a king so let me sing you the blues
Let me lay down the rules,
Get money by all means,
Survive at all costs put god 'bove
Want luck, want their loved ones back 
Recently been victimized by unprovoked attacks 
Want to stop nature's problems or get rid of some strange
the same place, nigga UPT
Represent the same war, VL 13
Still carry mine tighter, niggas real B.G.
Still tote my chopper, and my 2-23
Now Cash Money is my
With the setting of the sun
Something wicked this way comes
Black on black
Got a wicked stride
Hounds of Hell are by his side

runs to the pastor
And he tells her there will be a new chapter
But she feels no different after
And then she asks him
Where my money at?

And life goes on

And life goes on (13x)

And on and on till the break of dawn
And on to the next day, ay yo, by the way
Did you know about
Sing us the song of the century
That sings like American eulogy
The dawn of my love and conspiracy
Forgotten hope and the class of 13
Tell me
picks up the robe
He reads a chapter, his voice is like, grabbin' my soul
The seeds turn blacker and finally it fades out slow
The hearing after, a whole
Higher flyer angels wings we drive
My destination: Happyville, money spent
On refreshments to cool my temperature
A fine wine or two, sweet food
money to buy a new guitar
then i got ripped off by the guy who fixed my car
i think i've had enough
i think i'm, I'm giving up

once again life's
club, shoot, stab, sell crack
Straight like that
We eat, sleep, shit street life
Straight like that
We get knocked by the same ?
Straight like that