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let the passenger ride. 
I woke up late yesterday afternoon, 
My eyeballs feeling like two balloons. 
The doctor say things ain't never gonna change
and pure
Now a festering sore
A pain I can't endure

Tick tick tock
It's only a matter of time
And when that stranger arrives
He's my dark passenger
be bound by who you are
Tied to the corner
With your
Hope twisted under
In knots

If you want to be a passenger
Climb aboard with me we're
of light
Connecting points of futures past, is its only plight

Passengers without a choice, hanging by a string
Spending with a hands of time, flying
Where green was turned black
Change on the valleys
That take it all back
Change in a worker
With sweat on his hands
Condemned by a future
To the no mans
Passengers along the way
We're the spark until the forces
Come together
Makes a flame

Side by side
Strong as stone
We all walk on
Side by
let you cry
We will look so much in love to people passing by
So many changes since you've been away, and there's so many things to say
I wrote so
Hey, well so do I
But this passenger's just passing by
Passenger is just passing

At your age and stage
You should understand
But you don't
reeling and rocking
The passengers were screaming with fear
For the train was being driven
By a crazy engineer
I'm driving this engine up to the moon
o'clock - 2 million miles away.
Stand by for emergency manoeuvre.
Object coming closer at the speed of light. We have 8 more seconds.
Change course by 4
We're passengers in time lost in motion
Locked together day and night by trick of light
I must take another journey
We must meet with other names
So far away from home
No they'll never understand
The Remittance Man

A man of empty pockets
From jingling his change
The idleness and grieving
and the mind
Of a boy who's raised by the railroad line

The clickety sound of the southbound freight
And the high speed hum of a passenger train
We're passengers in time lost in motion
Locked together day and night by trick of light
I must take another journey
We must meet with other names
in Winnebagos from the Everglades
Pulled over by the troopers in the mirror shades
The Caravan is sorry
The driver has a twenty and change
was roam
now i want to settle down baby
but i ain't got no happy home
i ride the cart from chicago
never been inside a passenger cart
the rods are
Last night I saw you again
I couldn't believe my eyes 
You were in a car, on the passenger's side 
I saw the corner of your eye from where you saw
Fresh out the county, shoes with no laces
Plastic bag carryin', no two paces
iPhone, belt by Gucci
Bands with loose change and some car keys
the one you love
Must be the one whose magic touch can change your mind
Don't let another day go by without the magic touch

Distracting you				(change
Sound of the rain on the roof of my car
It haunts me in my sleep
Passengers' side wearing that red scarf
That I got you for our anniversary
and washboard
Wooden tulips grow by the roadside
Made in a factory in Jonjoping
Fake glass baubles hang in the station
Just like the passenger's imitation
La, la, la, la, lalalala, la, la, la   

Get into the car   
We'll be the passenger   
We'll ride through the city by night   
We'll see
drivers fault
Now I've got to wait next to a pissed yob

"Got any change?" He's getting brash
I search my pockets for some cash while he's still talking
Fear took down the winged life
The winged life we've led
So kiss the joy as it goes by
Poet William said
Blake the poet said


One by one we fall asleep like passengers in window seats
I know I should go but I stay
One by one we float away like accidents