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just fall apart (Yeah)
Now I realize I need to wake up 
So I'm giving you all my heart

(I remember) Oh watchin' the clouds go by 
(You were always
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing

Nothing you can do [Repeat: x4]

They say he's a radical, he don't fit the game
A heart full
still hot 'cause I came
I'ma forest fire ain't nobody stoppin' my flame
Can't nobody stop me from stockin' my change

[Paul Wall]
to get you
can't no love be in yo heart
by the way fuck these hoes too
you know they just as devious as negros
that ho don't love yo ass
damn fool if you
Uhh (huh) yeah, it is what it is
Yah mean? We untouchable baby

I keep my song in my soul
Blessed my heart and made it go
I started makin' dollars then it started makin' cents
I used to share my room with the roaches and the rats
My lil' cousin Paul and my uncle, Po'
the outcome
Condition in your physical for injurin
The officer and gentleman who stack by the benjamen

Off a beat like this
I keep a night stick
was a dream, maybe it's smoke in this mirror
Wish I could change it all just by blowin' smoke in the mirror
Been such a long ride, wishin' I was
While people claim their states, I state my claims
Sage Francis made a name for himself
For the record my mother calls me Paul
Which was my father's
chest give power to songs
Girl ripping when I'm home about the hours I'm gone
I can't help it the studio where Paul be at
Tried to walk away from it
Then maybe he stop savin' all the good beats for himself
Rocafella's only n****z that help

My money was thinner than Sean Paul's goatee hair