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the position I'm in
And now I'm on the front line like an army, 
What the chances of trickle and thin.

I am nothing, nothing, nothing but a dreamer wishing
by on my own, I'm finally home
Hemma I Stockholm (d??r jag h??r hemma)

I hear echoes of a thousand screams
As I lay me down to sleep
I think of whenever the chance comes
It's inevitable cause wherever I go

I hear echoes of a thousand screams
As I lay me down to sleep
of college
Accumulated, my wisdom and wit
Thoughts float, ideas are legit

To fit, the rhythm of the tempo
Also, the music more so
Have to move groove
a single piece of driftwood 
By some unseen force directed
It's a gift life often brings you.
When you thought all hope long gone.
Sometimes a single
get smacked up
By the are-you-N-D-M-see (that's where it's at cuz)
Known as the tough cats, kickin' tough rough raps
In jeans, leather jackets, my
she's a fairy with broken wings
I used to watch her perform 
And if she hears me I hope she sings songs
That had me going right back
Ladies and gentlemen, I want to invite you on a journey
I sincerely hope you are in a mood to travel right now
'Cause we're going back in time
Nigga I know that's where he are 
And the third second and first is when the welfare kicks in 
We joined by nothing 
'Cause your  ??? 
What the hell are musicals?
It appears to be a play where the dialogue stops
And the plot is conveyed through song
Through song?
Wait, so
pf the Hope with the CIA sellin coke
To make them bloat, float up the river Key Louie
Liquor sipper as I strategise a plan to infiltrate the crooked
jealous at the drop of a dime, wanting to kill all womankind
You are a perfect ten with the perfect tan goddess
Who could sell Evian to a drowning man,
Buck 65-Square 3

Music to be murdered by
It is mood music in a juggular vein and I hope you like it
Our record requires only the simplist