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Kenny you almost made it,
I'd say you were halfway there
Kenny your hands are frozen,
And this is so unfair

What would you do,
Given a chance
that shit makes me sick. 
And that ole Kenny Chesney, 
What a hypocrite. 

He'll swear he's country, 
But he lives in the Caribbean. 
Sings all
of steel is Kenny Parker 
As we say he can't get no darker 
All about action  not a fast talker 
All the whick whack sucker DJ's 
Gotta try much harder
Kenny Parker on the 


[Special K] 

Yes yes I'm Special K 

On New York's Two show on WBDP 

This is the brand new one by KRS-One
wore bell-bottom Lee suits
Me and Kenny couldn't afford that
So we would go to the park when they was jammin' to hear rap
I used to listen till the cops
the new millennium we killin' them
Breeze Deep, Kenny and Will and them, KRS-One we thrillin' em
Many battles we been in them now we rebuildin' them