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Let's go

Where she was?

She was in the center of the stage
Showin me love
I was so amazed throwin up dubs
Baby what it is? I just wanna touch
What am I gonna do
When I get a little excited, a little in pain? Tell me
What am I gonna say
When I find the center of my heart is a suburb
What am I gonna do when I get a little excited
A little in pain? 
Tell me
What am I gonna say when I find the center of my heart
the page
As my nerve endings scream in rage
Deliver me to the darkest age
As DeSade sits at center stage
My flesh is but a portal now
To wisdom and truth I
Down at the dogs the bets are placed 
A wad of notes rolled in a hand 
The floodlit track is center stage 
For winning hounds to take the stand
What am I gonna do when I get a little excited
A little in pain, tell me
What am I gonna say when I find
The center of my heart is
The center of the information war

We have progressed

Physically as far as we can go... next stage mental
The process is you
time you went too far

I fall apart
Everytime I think of you
Swallowed by the dark
There is no center to my life now
No grace in my heart
Man from
I claim my place, center stage

I've been thrown by the thrashing of his going
Chained to his unseen stride
I've walked in luck step without
souls one by one they fall
Tormentor of dead flesh

Center of hate

Slaying, shredding, taking their lives
Bleeding, strangling, gasping for air
You sealed your fate up a long time ago 
(Ain't it hard when you're all alone in the center ring?) 
Now there's no time left to borrow 

(Is there
It´s time to leave the stage
In this theatre of pain
To let go of all the rage
When all scenes have been played

The final act concluded
If you call my name
It's but one of many by which I'm known
The borneless one
There is no pain or anger that I am not
Hell will come
He will
Well the stage was set the sun was sinkin' low down
As they came to town to face another showdown
The lawmen cleared the people from the streets
to conquer pain
You must learn to serve me well

You strike my side by accident
As you go down to your goal
This cripple here that you clothe and feed
burn, for the essence in the game
The +Tru Reign+, some fell upon the one
want to BOOM BAP, I bring style by the ton
No pain, no fun, let's creep out
You're the sweet dreams that soothe me
When I can't fall asleep
You're the field in the middle of the city
When I'm rushing by at the speed
Enemies of the state take center stage
And watch the rules we violate
Now we recall and fall
For all sins of life and break the law
There's many us
the band back on the road and we
Still got a lot of wild seeds to sow
LB prayed and Michael cried it was the
First time without you by my side.

Stage goes
Writin my lyrics with this hyped information
This is a section of my creation
So don't say shhh with an exclaimation
Just look at the center of the stage
drained and bled
With those arctic eyes
she looked at me and said

She said
Oh yeah
She said

When she appears
Always center stage
try to keep me quiet
Cause you like it
When the lights don't shine on you
Well look up now a killing rage
Has got you standing center stage
Now do you feel respectable on the cross?
Hanging by the shred of life that we lost
Greet the pain, meet the nails
That we thrust into your chest
The Martyr 
The Magician 
We float between these identities 
They change as the phases 
Of our lives take center stage, 
One after the other 
Today I
All alone, I didn't like the feeling
All alone, I sat and cried
All alone, I had to find some meaning
In the center of the pain I felt inside