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Stars of CCTV (Hard-Fi) · Stars of CCTV [Bonus Tracks] (Hard-Fi)


Back where we left off
Watch you take your dress off
I've been by myself remembering you
Your body hurts me
Loopin' 'round like CCTV
In all
We smile for the CCTV
We're making our own history
When fine society sits down to dine, remember that someone is pissing in the wine
Pissing in
Don't mind me, just cruising by
By the girl with the balloon
Good, it looks like we're the only ones around
Caught on C-C-T-V
Heading towards
the TV screens
With the sound turned down again
You belong where there's CCTV
Watching you every day

Well you beautiful loser
Well you beautiful lay
in fact there's too much evidence
Spying on the people lying evil little devils
They're recruiting demon soldiers while they execute our rebels