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Lion Of Judah
Words and music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan
Messiah would come
The earth would rejoice
The people start to sing
For they would
Still Her Little Child 
Words and music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan
When she laid him in a manger
He was still her little child
In a city
Words and music by Ray Boltz
I heard Him call my name
He said I've come to save you
But I was so ashamed
I turned to walk away
He reached
Slumber killed by rays of the new red sun arising
Dreamer wakens to spectral gaze of light rays shining
Black steed carries him across the astral
Blow it all away

And then the gamma ray seemed to say
If you carry twelve margaritas on a tray
You cannot be touched in anyway
By the benign, yet
"Oh I know that you are an artist" she said
"For you make your songs out of clay
You carry the dust on your hands and your face
You never quite
The nightrider sails yeah

By day the rider will have vanished from all eyes
Seen from within the only answer to him lies
But as the rays of light begin
all comes down into
Is breaking up two by two
I will carry in my heart

Baby you are my ray of hope 
In these smoke and mirrors
You my land ho
of time

Lead me through the centuries
Lead me to places unknown
Sail me away on the x-rays
Of quasars that died long-ago

Carry me through
Endless torment held by silent walls

The rays of light
Cannot shield you
From the dark within
Scars run deep
No time can heal
What has been torn
here with you in my arms.

This is the moment that pauses to hold us
As you and I move in a background of wonder,
Surrounded by countless enclosures
here with you in my arms.

This is the moment that pauses to hold us
As you and I move in a background of wonder,
Surrounded by countless enclosures
Feeling the sun in our room
What a plenty of rays and beaming light
Surely, it does me good

I wanna trust the pulse
In which decay is followed by
Every blade of grass that shivers in the breeze
And the sound, it comes to carry me
Across the land and over the sea

And I can't look up
To fall by the way
From the cradle to the grave
From the palace to the gutter
Beneath the dying rays of the sun
Lie the fingers of love

Into waves
and trouble what he was singing about
Robert Johnson heard it made it his own 
He got it started ?Now we got to carry on

Tell me who, who's gonna fill
She use to sit there by the window
Worrying half to death, waiting for my car
Not knowing if or when I'd come home
And when I finally would, she'd
All carry on items should now be stored securely in the overhead compartment
Or under the seat in front of you. 
Thank you and enjoy your flight.
Thank you very much
This next song was written by a man right here in Folsom prison
And last night was the first time I've ever sung this song
carries on

Hallowed grounds for a hallowed home
Deep within the Highgate crypt

Privy by a chanced encounter fated by the glimpse
The bitter loss
Look at me Ray Bans I ain't tryna see you fags
Jean jacket different colored pants I ain't tryna match
Smooth watch [?] pop the dirty tag

Okay I'm
You better hope I'm chained up, shackled with a yard
I'll snatch you by the neck, bide you like a tech
Wreck fools when I disconnect, make you
blackened space

Ignorance, blown away by the rays of the sun 
Enlightening my pale face

Blinded thoughts, now able to see
Thousands of colours are
â??Pushed to find a way
To sate a higher lust
So through night I ride!â??

â??My burden borne by craft of hand
And strength of will
A spark of life--a beat in time
A lonely light that longs to shine
An open road that knows no end
A ray of hope around the bend
You got