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Carried away by the wind
You carried away by the wind
This life
Carried away by the wind
Your carried away by the wind
This life

oh its a shame you
Holding, expanding
Moving on, dancing 'round
Carried by the
Wind of change

In the cadence of romace bringing you another chance

Moving on, dancing 'round
Laughing gold carried on silver
Open robe waving by the trailer
This is paradise
Ivory whales high on corn bread
Wind-filled sails, fly
Standin' in the trees, I get
Lifted by the leaves
And carried away by the wind
Turning around I touch
Down on the ground
And then I'm drifted away
on her dimpled chin
While stars in heaven did play
But along came a howlin' that old
North Wind and carried her away

North Wind
North Wind bring my
dimpled chin while stars in heaven did play
But along come a howl in that old north wind and carried her away
North wind north wind bring my baby back
committed no sin
My spirit roams free now, carried by the wind

My mission has failed, the spell has been cast
I wasn't the first one and I won't be
On high! 
Impassioned like svelte sylphes we fly. 
Carried by perpetual circles of seasons. 
Aside to wind and breath - the archetype symbols. 
I'm not the first guy who ever lost a girlfriend
But by the way I'm carrying on
You'd think I was you'd think I'd lost my mind
Since you've been
spending every night on your own.
She's lost inside, lost inside.
She's lost inside, lost inside.
Oh oh yeah!
The Whispers carried by the wind turn me
Find myself beside a stream of empty thought,
Like a leaf that's fallen to the ground,
And carried by the flow of water to my dreams
Woken only by
Where the cold wind blows
Tomorrow never knows

Where your sweet smile goes
Tomorrow never knows

You and me we've been standing in my den
It was a beautiful morning
On a hill where the wind only carried the sound
Of the mockingbird's song
And I was thinking about you

Carried by the wind is the dust of the ruined Temples
Skulls of ancestors dead long time it covers
Above the pagan Altar an unknown song is heard
Thousand of voices use to be heard in distance
Tell tales about themselves, the Eternal Story
Carried by the Wind - it sounds all around
The shell
I was drawn by the sirens of Titan
Carried along by their call
Seeking for a way to enlighten
Searching for the sense of it all

Like a kiss
I've dreamt of this haunt
The ghosts of 1666
The hazy lecture halls
Lund Cathedral in wisps

The bells get carried aloft
By the strong Nordic
carried in the wind
Their laughter filled the countryside but they'll not laugh again

All the games are ended now, their voices have been stilled
the road
I don’t know where they’ll go get caught in the trees I suppose
Ripped apart by the birds and the winter winds whisper good bye to your love

To the girl with the marble eyes, can it be that you've taken me by surprise, 
the wind and rain have carried your fame to my front door in
fourteen-karat gold in my mouth
And silk upon my back
But I did not trust my brother
I carried him to blame
Which led me to my fatal doom
To wander off in shame
Words and music by bob seger

Like the wind that carried ahab

To a far, more distant shore,

To a shipwreck that was certain

Long before.

I can
and carried on
He kinda made her day
So by the time that she left
He left with her

And she let him borrow money
And she let him drive her car
She didn't
made up words
Don`t have a meaning anymore
Carried away by nighttime birds
A blank page left to die

The songs I wrote fade with the wind
on either side
While friends cry o're their bones unburied
Go sighing through the north east winds
These cold days of February

Some clerk with papers and his