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me, lord 
Call me crazy but strangely I love the odds 


Now these baby ballers, toy rappers 
Calling out my name to bring the boy
they OGs
A straight up pussy and claims that he knows me
You see I, putting out these DVDs
Now my shit done hit the streets, he gots to squat the pee
love without labor, no labor no love
Draw on the strength bestowed from above
What can go wrong will go wrong
But if you fall off a horse just get
Swimming in feminine bikinis made out of barbasol
Somebody give them the volleyballs
If you love her, don't ever send her to mally mall's
Homie if she lonely
follows and shadows you
Wherever you go
And blocks out the light
At the end of every tunnel yo try
Be on time
Be on schedule
Always feel
Like you're
fresh over fresh
I'm in the Benz
Massagin a bitches my rivalry
Rushed out to get some ends
Build the twins
Nigga I love them bitch half Benz