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to this committee.
Rev. Jeff Ling: "Listen you little slut, do as you are told"
Senator Exon: What is the reason
FZ: Sex!
Senator Exon: For these
you can't escape
When the Tribe is in the house that means nobody is safe
How can a reverend preach, when a rev can't define
The music of our youth
switched teams
You became an adult and you forget what it means
To be a kid in this world, who wants to make a change
I know I'll always remain drug free
None of what you hear even if its spat by me
And with that said, I will kill niggas dead
Cut niggas short, give you wheels for legs
I'm a K-I-
fuckin', and this is true
What you don't know is who's fuckin' who


Junkies use the intravenous
Then fuck each other? I can't see this
[Fat Joe]
Yeah, unh, yo, unh 
Here goes this chick doing ten in the bing
But 'less we rhyme time we see her do it again
She started out f***in dudes
more his are hollering
You might suffer the same fate if you repeat the following..
Sell drugs, use drugs, get caught up in the mix
End up locked up
a shinin' star 

No matter who you are, no matter who you are 

Verse One: Grand Puba 

Uhh, now it started it off for me in apartment 6C
even doing wrong by usin this chorus to get through this song

[Chorus: x2]

You know y'all going to mess around and complain about slavery that was
ya eyes to 
What's the fucks that's goings on 
Cause the constantly getting rid of us one by one whether Its drugs or diseases or gun by
Gun I ain't
a minute but you know I'm coming back

[Chorus: x2]

Try to show Niggas but I can only hope they see
You a little nigga fit right up in a 6 by 3
supreme stream a heater beat you won't believe I'm even makin' mu...

Hold up cat, beats you makin for me?

No doubt, wait til you see!

Now why you doing

With battle I'll crack all your gear and all your wack raps 
You can't be saved by your babbling or your backpack 
Doing it for the love is
and stealing from the store
Come home and see an eviction notice taped to my door
Can’t take no more, momma on drugs, daddy M.I.A
What can I say? I just wanted
and stealing from the store
Come home and see an eviction notice taped to my door
Can't take no more, momma on drugs, daddy M.I.A
What can I say? I just
And ask him where the fuck did he get his damn raps from

Warning, this shit's gon' be rated R, Restricted
You see this bullet hole in my neck? It's self
Bringin` the blizzards when I make bail you can`t stop me,
In jail all that I can see provoking hell,
Chokin` at a third rail velocity
losin' yer pace
In a slow-motion crawl of life's busy race
No matter what yer doing if you start givin' up
If the wine don't come to the top of yer cup
and a hatchet
What's that? Some ill shit kid you can't match it
Don't even try to meet it cause you can't fucking catch it
(Aww fuck!) Baby you're shit outta
Fuck, kill, and prosper 
Is the gospel of Wonderland, where 
Street sands, are quick
To suck you down to the abyss 
With the lure of pure bliss
sticky like spray tans
Pedals to the pavement
Pedals in the sand
Doing drugs blood with the venom of demand
Clocking at night jobs
You work in the day
cities with large moons
Faith healers, ex-female drug dealers and art booms
Apologize for my weird mix
What taste like hot dogs and tear drips
And looks
drop Mercedes is parked, I creep around yo
To the back, she must be inside and can't hear
Probably upstairs, in the mirror, doing her hair
I walked in
brother Mohamed
It's like you can't can't avoid his turf
Oh, hey, you know what, now I know who homie is man, his name is
and I'm tryin' to scream out shits not fair,
I can't tell you where I'm at, or how I got here,
Surrounded by all white, maybe it's just cloudy,