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what I've been searching for, my baby 

Earth wind, earth wind and fire 
Cannot take me, take me much higher 
Earth wind, earth wind and fire
hills, are lookin' good to me
I go there, when I'm fast asleep
Ghost town, and the desert wind
Strange sounds, at the worlds end

And then the winds
fire, and stone.
Storms of sand, closing over the sun
Sand, fire, water, and wind
How can we begin again.

But you can't sink a rainbow
In a world
Oh, Mother Earth
With your fields of green
Once more laid down
By the hungry hand
How long can you
Give and not receive
And feed this world
Ruled by
to myself
That you and I got everything we need
I'd give it all for you and me

Love is the earth and the wind
And the fire and the soul
Love is the key
pretty tonight
Hold on now let's go till morning

Get up on love and stand by me
Stand by love, stand by me

I'm a shell shocked lover, under cover
and the tears shed might claim you.

For the last time we have tasted 
Love's sweet tears by the fire's glow.
If our hearts are strong there'll be 
No long
Yet still unheard

And every leaf of fire lets go
Melting in the arms of earth and snow
And if I could hold you now
You'd enter like a sigh

On the ground
Time's run out
Luck's run dry

We're living in a rage of fire
Drowning by the winds of change
No one has the right to come and take my rage
what they know 
Get up and go 

Throw matches to see 
What you can ignite 
Fire fire, fire fire 
Throw matches to see 
What stays out of sight
Oh, who is raised by the sword can't be beaten
Who is toughened by the fire can't be burned
Awaited by immortality
Are the ones sacrificing their
Can't think twice I go for it (go for it)
Can't think twice I go for it (go for it)
Can't leave this earth with nothing to show for it

I'm part emcee
fire ya, put your light up in the air (mo)
Mo fire ya, I give her, 
Mo fire ya, mo' fire a go' burn then

I Diddy bop, my fifty cock, my city hot I'm
fire ya, put your light up in the air (mo)
Mo fire ya, I give her, 
Mo fire ya, mo' fire a go' burn then

I Diddy bop, my fifty c***, my city hot I'm
Treasures in the jars of clay 
Let the light shine out of darkness 
Fallen down but not destroyed 
It's just another trial by fire 

In my song
of night
Was shattered by fire
As the guns and grenades
Blasted sharp through the air

One after another
His comrades were slaughtered
In the morgue

He crouched ever lower, ever lower with fear
They can't let me die, they can't let me die here
I'll cover myself with the mud and the earth

Don't let the fire die
The flame has been dimmed by the tears that you've cried
But I can still see the spark of His love in your eyes

And I'm not
[Rap: ]
The boys 
We're just chillin' with Earth, Wind & Fire 
This is my desire 
Talking 'bout culture 
I'm a vulture 
Just like the beat
Come winds and fire
Exalt death in endless flame
Blasting thunder from bloody storm
Grinding flesh thru acid winds
Damned be the mankind empire
on to

You never see it coming you just let it fly
On silent wings, silent wings
You can't hide what you feel inside 
And the fire has left your eyes
come to move me, take me from my ancient home
Land of my fathers I can't leave you now
We will share it with you, no man owns this earth we're on
I wish you peace when the cold winds blow
Warmed by the fire's glow
I wish you comfort in the, the lonely time
And arms to hold you when you ache
on to

The glass is cut
The bottle run dry
Our love runs cold
In the caverns of the night
We're wounded by fear
Injured in doubt
I can lose myself
You I can't
I didn't see the fire burn to ashes.  
I couldn't feel the winds of change.  
I was lost inside the passion, 
Blinded by the memory of a flame.