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bumped by the finest, 3X in my mouth shinin
Backstage Donna Karan shades, crushed diamonds
I'm climbin, 2 the top like Pac when I rhyme
Follow my path
strap went boom 3x

Had him dodgin every muthafuckin up in the room

[ VERSE 2 ]
They say the youngsters run the penitentiary (I think they do)
They say
Out on the street I heard this beat marching drums 
And stomping feet and it sounded like this
Dum diddy dum diddy dum diddy dee 3x
How many times
[Chorus: *Scratching*]
Pain In Da Ass "Fuck You" 3x
Styles "I don't give a fuck" 3x
Styles "I don't give a fuck who you are"
Pain In The Ass " Fuck
duck me 
Or fuck around end up roommates with Mike Hutley 

Chorus: repeat 3x
Rap guys
Listen to me, Listen to me, rap guys 
Diss Bizarre you die
Out on the street I heard this beat marching drums 
And stomping feet and it sounded like this
Dum diddy dum diddy dum diddy dee 3x
How many times
Yo Nas...
I don't think they want to fuck with this
Gangsta shit.. fo' sho'

Check it out
It's on, and once again I bring
the yo nizame and leave a 

bitch stuck with dick on her breath dope in the house and one way out. 

Chorus: repeat 3X 

Freak hoes,freak
haagendaas cock magnum
Start raising like rum
Son of a gun, hun
There ain't a girl in this world I can't fuck for
Ever since I dropped my last ep
Now my
til he can't count his money no mo'
over night sensation, never me
all you "Record Haters" got Ph.IV
my niggas 3X Krazy laced me
taught me how
a fuck about dying
I'ma make some motherfuckers respect mine
And when its my time,
I'm leaving this bitch slanging that iron wooday

Chorus repeats 3x
what's my name, Rule Baby!
You know it, now lets get high
Take a ride with me tonight, yea

(Chorus) 3x
We gotta give a dance to this shit here ha-ha
from)  3x
It's w-w-w-where you're at)

[ VERSE 3 ]
Now this goes out to every rapper in New York
Pop the cork and tell your DJ to walk
Mel-Ice the Sword
3X Krazy, ain't it all so sick, ain't it all so simple 
Pistola packin' 
See some marks then I'm jackin' 
Run up on him then I smack him 

Put one
Say Girl Project 2000
This Nigga
For you . . .U heard Me
J.D & Project huh

Chorus: repeat 3x 

Ooh Shit girl 
you on Fire
Let This Cold boy
[Pastor Troy]

I'm the muthafucking president (come on, come on) 3x
Watch how I represent

Verse 1:

From the land where the constitution stand while
Hatin, cause you can't turn the booze off 
 You dudes is too soft, when I fuck with you all 
 I might bark your ex, and spit at the locks 
 But, other
nobody with me, I'ma ride by myself
Get high by myself, get drunk by myself
Fuck this ho by my goddamn self (myself)
Don't nobody hold your own, like your
you hear my prays clear 

Repeats 3x
| 3x
I don't where to stop when I see low
Can you see that you see the door

What you think you could just step it of the street
If you don't get
You don't pull on Superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger
and you can't fuck with me and my men -
concept, teacher mosh it up, right
PRT p-osse, boy ghetto with philosophers
All can't get enough of this, drummer common insight, check
Here comes
hands to the back
Like a porno fleck
What's con is it
Don't bust a glock
Laid back
Fuck bitch
And I'm gonna rock the cock
See I'm back again
With this
hunta killa (that's realla)

Chorus: repeat 3x's

Put you in duct tape and leave you sinkin in the river
(hunta killa! killa!)

Put you in duct! put you
off it's over with
Busting nuts I'm all over the shoulder shit
You can't fuck with a nigga y'all know this shit is on
Some popo shit but when it comes