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'Til I die, can I have a light my brother, where is my bud?)

The pipe, the pipe
Let's pack the pipe
The pipe, the pipe
Let's pack the pipe
by a blind man
Wrong way up a dead end
Screaming through a speed trap
As I tear into a tail pipe
I can do nothing right
I never sleep at night
the people shook up
Off the smoke from the pounds

Pack another bowl in the pipe if you want hell
Maybe we can lace another load make the song sell
Let me
ooh, I got you here by my side
Oh, and there's much to make me shiver, oh, come with me and spend the night

Smoking my peace-pipe
Mama plays a queen on the hill built on a dream
While the children play in the field
Papa smokes the pipe of a sweet and better life
But how
Wasted time with cheap conversation
On subhuman minds that can't see through
Broken dreams and deadly companions
Parasite-like they live
Well how do you do private William Mcbride
Do you mind if I sit here down by your graveside?
I'll rest for awhile in the warm summer sun
I've been
Girl, girl, girl
That's your life
Smoking that glass pipe

I come from the city of dope
It couldn't be saved by john the pope
And poor L-J, the sheriff, told us,
That mama got killed by her damn crack pipe.

Well I'm gonna have to find paw a good woman,
Cause he's startin'
the spot
Like the first embrace when the knot is tied
You hit the spot
Like a pipe and slippers by a fireside
Matter of factly, don't know exactly
And I'm watching my life pass me by

So even if I don't see 
These pipe dreams come true
I hope that you know 
That I was thinking of you
And passed it off as a joke
He drilled her up in the sentry box
Wrapped up in his soldiers cloke

Well the drums took over the rat a tap tap
And the pipes
But they have been tapped
By suckers of the sap

Now I’m going home
In the distance I can see them
Proudly waving flags

To separate
a chance to hang around
And lie there by the fire
And watch the evening tire
While all my friends and my old lady
Sit and pass the pipe around
I'm gonna smoke weed for the rest of my life you can find me postin on my porch
Tokin my pipe-I'm gonna smoke weed for the rest of my life see some
'Cause I can see it in the flowers
Dyin' on the window sill
I know we must be out by tomorrow mornin'
But am I goin' 'gainst my will

we would quit 
But us rednecks ain't stoppin'
We mud boggin
You stuck watchin
Wishin you could be with us
'Cuz the party poppin'
You say you can
a chance to hang around
And lie there by the fire
And watch the evening tire
While all my friends and my old lady
Sit and pass the pipe around
says some goes by so fast
And we just got here

I can hardly believe it but it's ended
The beach is a haze and old love's a ghost
Hugo is twisting
home in the morning
And travelled on a train all day
Passing nighttime by a greenhouse
You'd still be a long way

Suppose you're too far gone
you can dig man
We ain't seen nothin'
Your girl wanna be with us
I heard she said she want a mud digger
We keep the mud by the pound
Our tires stay
A giant pipe organ up in the air
You can't live in a home which should not have been built
By the bourgeois clerks who bear no guilt
When the wind hits
Romance is out of fashion
Can't handle modern love at all

So I worship Diana by the light of the moon
When I pull out my pipe she screams out of tune
You can't dep on mi spliff because mi spliff dep already  
You can't dep on mi spliff mi have the hash-ish leb and sensi  
Yes people
Look over yonder here come the blues
The thirteenth of any time, powered by fools
I can see 'em comin'
Wearing a blue armored coat
You're sittin'