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I know you all just  want to hear some, mellow laid back something for the
You know what I'm saying
That good old American pride
was a wild adolescent  blessed with the foul essence 
Messin around with the wrong crowd  I learned my lesson 
Stressin all the things that I have not
many real niggaz left, so they hard to find
Most likely I don't roll with em, if they ain't soldiers
Only real niggaz, can tell you that pain mold you
the sunset.?  Clichés like, ?Get off of my planet by sundown!?  More so than clichés like, ?he died with his boots on.?  Marine tough the man is.  Bogart tough
gonna give my all to you (holla at me) 

[Verse 1: Nicole Wray] 
Every day I pray my heart can win (word?) 
Every night I pray I can call you my man, yeah
is strong gotta give my all to you (Holla At Me)

[Verse 1:Nicole Wray] (Cam'Ron)
Everyday I pray my heart can win (Word)
Everynight I pray I can
off my face
When the morning comes
TRY to keep it all in sight
Form one thought, break it off, take a breath,
Carry on
You think you matter so much
They play the prostitute, but they like to say they just intimate
Idols in their heart, they can't seem to lose the grip on it
Seem em walking in
Stifle god, and the idols of hatred,
Out of my heart, I have always been free,
One with no need all alone and satanic.
Wretched and Vile, fuck
Goddamn (damn) speed got my heart racin',
See I don't have the nominations, you can blame it on my occupation,
Caesar salad, Caesar's Palace,
You not a boss
of milk and honey
filled with money, still hungry and won't finish
till I fill my tummy, grill me or love me
My passion is unbridled, when idol crafted
(Why would I) let a motherfucker take me for weak?
I never roll alone, roll the streets with the heat
When you worth that much can't lose it for
Dueling cyclones jackknife
They got eyes for your wife and the blood that lives in her heart

Cast myself towards infinity
Trust me, I had my
the East Coast nigga, but I’m still loped out
I grew up inside the crack-house, my moms was smoked out
You know the kid with the bummy kicks, holes in his
and lied to me
It's bringing out a whole new fucking side to me
Ride with me
If you feel my pain then you can cry wit me
This fuckin' shady system is
I've got this problem with my aging I no longer can ignore 
A tame and toothless tabby can't produce a lion's roar 
And I can't help being
of death, we can not save ourselves.
To breathe is not enough.

Yes sir, I Will.

When you woke this morning you looked so rocky-eyed,
Blue and white
slugs down
O.G.'s raised me, baby G's praise me
Since I'm a G, rep 3 'til I'm swazy
why'all cats fugazi, my shit's crazy
Niggas can't faze me (You
plenty of stuff
My whole crew is why you can't get with any of us
Reason I'm not on TV cause I'm not sellin' you nothin'
I'm not rhymin' for a Bentley
advise you follow my suggestions 
"I don't even know you nor the nation that you come from" 
"Now you want to give me advice on how to run one" 
"I should