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Yeah, what up 
[the show is over] 
Welcome to the final frontier 
Soul position 
Rjd2 on the beats plus myself, blueprint, on the 
I figure we start it out correctly..
this is Blueprint, RJD2 on the tracks
this is a new tune Gotta get it right today, you know

Need to find a place
Where the? can run
Counting down the days
Baby, one by one
We can get away
When the work is done

Feel so calm in the way you
in my heart the size of a truck
it won't be filled by one-night fuck
like a possum
like a possum

calm as an angel

You know me I like
to be
Calm waters
Wish them well
His ship's come in
She's put the wind in his sails

January brought the fever
Sam was right there by her side
can't, calm me down
You, can't, calm me down
You, can't, calm me down
You, can't, calm me down

Petroleum, inhale it, and take a swig
Heat my brains
imprisoned by a vision of beauty.
I was struck down by the long legged archer.

Keep calm and carry on, reefer madness quiets the falling bomb.
Now seen Unseen
Now seen Unseen

The sea is calm
The path on high
It swoops down
to lye by

Your side
Your side
Your side
all the sound?
If I lay in pain, by my side would you stay?
If I need you now, would you kindly calm me down?
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, would you kindly
the mother station.

Winter's cold spring erases
And the calm away by the storm is chasing
Everything good needs replacing
Look up, look down all around,
the city at a calm
Break it down
Tear it apart
The city's going off
Like a bomb 

Break down the fear
I got my animosity
I'm gonna break it down
inside you

Hold me down cause I want to know you
You bring calm to my rage
You are life and I'm thirsting for you
Hold me, hold me locked in a cage

Winter's cold spring erases
And the calm away by the storm is chasing
Everything good needs replacing
Look up, look down all around, hey
Take me home 
Sailing on with Romany 
To and fro on a icy morning 
Feeling calm to have an old friend 'round 
Feeling warm to see the wind blow
the brass ring
You really can't depend on anything
Gotta make it happen all by yourself
Why rely on anyone else?


Don't calm down
you are wandering, here you are believing

Your secrets and whispers, they're lying to you
Bit I held you hand when you asked

Calm down and tear
Do you want to go
To the plague with me?
I'm going down-down-down
There for the morning,
Most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
And I can’t calm down down down
No, I can’t calm down down down
Call me a sad man
Baby I ain’t so bad (I ain’t so bad)
Maybe it’s just me
Why do I
Then without any warning

She's a volcano
She's a volcano

Try to calm her down
Oh you must be joking
Give her all your love
The sweet sacrifice
Every river searches for the sea
Every life runs it's own destiny
Canyons white and wild stretches calm and mild
Cutting through the stones
we come home, we want it quiet and calm
We want you to be around
When we come home, we pull the curtains down
Making sure that the TV is on

Violently happy
Come calm me down

I get into trouble
I tip-toe down to the shore
Stand by the ocean

Make it roar at me
And I roar
Harsh stone white eyes behold bruise baths soak crying bones every
Days appeal to stop spirit calm on Valium hate permeates and fills the air
Suggests an inner calm
Soul sleeps soul snakes
Soul sleeps and soul snakes
The blood from her neck
Frames her head like a halo
Pony tail hangin down
And the army starts to fight the incoming
Soon you'll be much easier to capture
So calm down
Any desperate thoughts I have left in me
An acceptance missed by