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A man opened his window and stared up Primrose Hill
Out there enjoying themselves I've seen them from this sill
Green splashed with white and red
A man opened his window and stared up Primrose Hill
Out there enjoying themselves I've seen them from this sill
Green splashed with white and red
to fall.

Now the sun is rising in the east
Looking for my golden fleece.
Iv'ry skin
Scarlet colour deep
Lips that burn but do not speak.

There's a colour TV in the pink shack
But the paint's peelin' off the walls
Take a sneaky photo by the pink shack
In a pair of muddy overalls
Outside it's summer, indoors it's cool
It's just after three pm, I see kids leaving school
Policeman are walking, walking in lines
Tight side by
Struck by nine and dead by one 
We all bleed red don't we 
No matter what side of town we're from 
We're from

And I was driving out of town
Sitting by the swimming pool 
Trying to keep my head together 
In that hot Australia weather 

Three days to kill and my per diem's getting
The incense drifts past the skins and shells
Ruby waves goodbye
And runs to the valleys
That are beautiful
And drenched with rain and colours
on the couch by the TV. 3D visions of a
Soapflake, trumpets blared, a voice declared: "Are you feeling dirty?"
Yes but also very pleased. Heard applause, felt
Drag our love away

Borders and boundary signs
Drawn by red tape
Those who colour outside of the lines
Define the human race

Got 1 over 50
And keep 50 in my pocket

Limousines for the don I'ma three as the charme
Flee red carpet chilling e on my arm
Purple rain smoking
last cold-turkey attack

I tremble and shiver at the sound outside my door
Instrument of release by my side
The spike, the hose, the blackened spoon
out on the dock that night, the colour is red
23rd victim of a gangland war takes his last breath
Outside the sister cried, she said the whole world's
Let go all the tears of your life 
The one you left behind 
Let the pain of the dream go by 
It's over 
The love is calling
I'm searching 
I got a red nose, red nose, red nose
Don't make me clown and have to go put on my red nose

[Verse 3]
I'm comin in, Drivin my short bus
With it's
colour hides their fear,
Flowers faded, dull and cold, now bleached by atmosphere

Creatures twisting under trees, huge monsters soaked with rage
She ran calling Wildfire (3 times)

By the dark of the moon I planted
But there came an early snow
There's been a hoot owl howling outside my window
I got a sixty-nine Chevy with a three-ninety-six
Fuelie heads and a Hurst on the floor
She's waiting tonight down in the parking lot
on Spidey's wild ride

And the hills stood up in a great big 3
And left me whipped by the forces that were inside me
Loud as the ocean, cold as a desk, red
Calling the police  calling the G men 
Calling all americans to war on the underworld 

All I need is money  and I'm getting that money tonight
some sweet Emmylou
I sang the harmony,low down and out of key
Reno just howled at the moon

[Verse 2]
Somewhere outside Kansas City,on a highway
the following cammand

Poke eighthundredandfiftyeight
One and two
Three and four.
Pressing the backspace indicator

touch one of the red function keys

This record goes out to all you fake ass, 
Gangsta baller bueschwa-minded ass house niggas who forget their colour. 
Put on a suit and tie
the floorboards creaked

Lost in this town, haunting girl
Your calling up my friends
Try to find out where I've been
I'm a holding, holding again

Gave money
back in 'thirty-three
Dug an 'ole in the ground until we found
An 'ole called Wallasey
And the foreman cried, Come on outside
The roof is fallin' down