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to put me right

'Cause if you wanna run cool
If you wanna run cool
If you wanna run cool
You got to run on heavy, heavy fuel
Heavy, heavy fuel
Hunger is the fuel of greed
Enough is less than we need
To keep the sweetest dream
Charmed by routine
I've got the fuel in my head from the flesh
I need to break sweat
I've got the fuel and I might get offensive,
I might be some threat
I want
Can't you hear the blessed savior callin' you?
He will take you by the hand
Lead you to that promise land
Can't you hear the blessed savior callin
That I'm nourished by the rush

'Cause I use love like fuel
The pain it drives my engine
I use love like fuel
I use love like fuel
Ooh love
I'm the truth, tell it, loud weed yellin'
Get it by the pound, we just smoke it, we don't sell it
What I blow'll make a plane go
Them bitches say
came screaming through the light years, she never had a choice 

Pleiades callin' her home
Seven Sisters, she hears her distant Sisters
I know you see me watching you
And I see you watching me
'Cause boy your body's callin'
And temptation is killin' me

I know you see me watching you
Minutes turn to days
Years just melt away
In the park at dawn
Just a flower on

I keep callin' to you
My baby blue, my baby blue
I keep
Horizon of blue, hills are rollin'
Walkin' with you through a field of red stones
I been confused from voices callin', callin' to me
There's a thousand miles in eighteen hours
I got to double drive down south by 35
I got the hammer down Detroit made
5 25 pushing my ass right
Patrick simmons

Layin' back and sittin' in the sunshine
Hot wind, I drink me little wine
Straw hat down across my eyes
Lettin' the world go by
Don't pass me by 
Without a drop 
Just step across 
And fill my cup 
Gimme more 
It's not enough 
Rejuvenate me 
Fuel me up 
Running drier

I thought I heard you callin' my name
Funny, I still feel this way. 
Your voice seem so close, but I knew 
That by now you were many miles
This is so like you to go on inside your mind
It's callin' to be fallin', and callin' to be fallin'
It's callin' to be fallin' down
This is so
Fear now fuels the system 

All hope that died must rise anew 
By facing the passage of time 
All that we've known was bound to drown
I wish you slow death,
Slow death by grinding

Fuel for Hatred, air raid siren to mankind
To keep believin' our dream of fiji
Your image lingers, a faded picture
Your past erased by untold elixir

I'm fallin' off the world
I'm callin' you (do you
to put me right
'cause if you want to run cool
If you want to run cool
If you want to run cool, you got to run
On heavy, heavy fuel

My life makes
to just get down
Can we get down
Can you hear the sound
When love's callin' you
Callin' me sexually lady
Please let me
What are your
achieve despite the inhuman lie again
Bastard wins
Fuel by fire

Deception is their tool 
A vehicle with no rule
A trust built on emptiness
Speedin' up 'cause we're runnin' Late
Take the shortcut by the Super 8
I have to make it across the Bay Bridge
Fast enough to put the beer in the fridge!
We see our world as a machine,
Wheels always turning,
Everything exactly where it need's to be,
Our world, our world is not driven by fuel
you laugh they can't kill you
These thoughts i have they seem
To pass me by
Like a cloud

Fuel and release!
Happiness is good for an hour
Dusted in snow kissed by fuel emissions and dog ejaculation
Soil fused to feathers
Soil fused to the body
Less than a statistic, so are we