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he hits the mic like Mix-master
This the Battle of Troy with no Pastor
Slicker than a can of oil with no Castor
Chill in the front of the flight,
don’t even mumble

I’m back to ballin’, I’m in the back full of Magnums only
Pull on the scene and I fuck your queen playing Pastor Troy
Our weed
of damn shame
And yous a damn lame thankin that my fo don't ride
So Paul will work them all y'all to the east side


[Pastor Troy]
Last but not least
the new regiment to start man
T. I., tell 'em!
Killa Mike, Pastor Troy, what?

David Banner, tell 'em
What's up boy, okay
It's time for us to show
drive by

So if you're ready for it
Smoke dro for it, tell 'em
An' if you're hatin', fuck nigga what's happenin'

Adamsville, Watts,
Raw backwards on all you rappers

What’s happening? Another baptism by pastor black lip
I'm mashing across the masses
My movement massive
pulled over by Philly police
I just made a Hundred thousand to put in my piece
In what seems like a year but it was really a week
Ain't Lil Troy but I