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and a nice pair of kegs 
Hmm, Mr. Goodbar style
You haven't met a guy like me in a while
I jump out a cake, dance, play, shake I ain't got no Body By Jake
We'll sit home just listening
To the sounds of the winds when they're breaking
And we can buy that diamond ring
And just about any other thing
Once upon a time in a remote Tasmanian trailer park
There was born a baby boy by the name of Nedson Willbry
One day when Nedson was
INTRO [Choclair]
Uhh, yeah
Now look in the mirror
Tell me what you see
Bomb diggy dogg baby
We be rubbin' tonight (yo)
We be lovin' tonight (right)
Don’t just give ‘em the fish, teach ‘em to fish
let ‘em pro-create Shout out to Joey and ‘em, was dope before the cake
I went from selling