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Social Disease


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Capo at 2 see f see am see f am g
See f am see f am g
Nothing can be further removed, not everybody wants to be soothed ooooh
D see am d g see
here with me, I´m on my own

Hello Mr. Radio, You friendly speaker
You played my request today, request to see her

Your voice comes riding home,
to live the way you want me to live
So let me be

We are going to crack your code tonight
With satellites ah with satellites
I've got a programmer

I don't believe fraternities
See the disease fraternities
Wait of the hate behind your eyes
Free to be straight for shape and size
see us 
Tonight she asked me if I'd ever seen jesus 
Cause she had backstage passes for three of us 

I don't want to grow old 
Won't you let me
a never ending vicious cycle of death, of death.
Platonic disease.
Platonic disease.
Now see, world dies.
Strips down the face of disguise.
No rules,
Nobody sees my disease
Nobody sees my disease
Sat on a lonely chair
Sat on a lonely chair

Nobody sees my disease
I'm happier when I'm on my
Worship obesity as our birthright
But freedom of speech won't feed my children
Just brings heart disease and bootleg clothing
Just brings heart
I've been treated for mild depression
And I've been treated for growing pains.
I've been treated for hallucinations;
Now I can see it all coming
without a spark
But there's something that I guarantee
You can't hide when infection starts
Because love is a social disease
Love is a social disease
without a spark
But there's something that I guarantee
You can't hide when infection starts
Because love is a social disease
Love is a social disease
never wanted this disease
I never wanted you to leave, hey
I never wanted this disease
I never wanted you, I never wanted you to leave

I can see you in
It's a good disease
Baby don't worry
I'm a friend you see
Baby don't worry
It's a good disease
Baby don't worry
I'm around you see
Baby don't
bloodstream, like a Metal disease

Underneath the streetlights, everything is larger than life
Ya hear the roar, see it gleaming like the edge
How come everybody keeps moving but me
How come nobody can see what I see
It?s not fair man, they can't leave
Didn't get a chance to feel my disease
All American Hero
All American dream
All American apple pie
All American cream

I see it on your wavelength
You photograph in black and white
Why pretend that we don't know,
C-E-Os are the disease

Freedom is raped by war like whore like technology technology technology of materialism
It's telling me I gotta fuckin' bloody the misled
My victim approached
Cut her head off at the throat
She was a hooker with AIDS
Spreading disease like
I do hate to see a rover crippled in the stones
Now he's one step nearer to the ground
And I do hate to see a hawker broken in the bones
Only to be plagued by disease

While religion tries to blame what we cannot see
I accept that part of the problem is me
It was never a sacred
If she gets a black eye,
I want a black eye,
If she gets a splinter,
I want a splinter too.

If she gets a disease, 
I want a disease.
If she
with the way you whisper in my ear
come here my dear 
they're playing songs from back in yesteryear
the slow Jammer the night programmer
the time to get
mean 'Industrial Disease'
Doctor Parkinson declared 'I'm not surprised to see you here
You've got smokers cough from smoking, brewer's droop from
race, the living dead, drenched in disease.
Burn away, see this dead.
This world burns.
Every day I search for hope.
My hopes drenched in disease
See her walking down the street
She's got brand new clothes 
And a brand new beat
She's got a virus she'd never believe
Queen queen, queen