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And I'll coming to say goodbye
Took inside and maids by buck-bye
More than dreams and the bottom come
When she would come back, right and well
I'm alone, so I'm a loner 
Smoke weed, so I'm a stoner 
Got that ill sick vibe 
That make you say bye bye bye boner 
Let my pants hang, 'cause it ain't
Mary Jane invades my brain now I can't complain
I'm sayin' what else is there to do besides relax
Let the problems in your mind become ancient
and drive-bys 
Kiss yo' ass bye-bye, sayanora suckers 

I flipped the script and turned the page ain't scared of you motherfuckers 
Be boppin' shots, like
a nine
See I added a millimeter for y'all niggas doing crimes and drive bys
Kiss yo' ass bye-bye, sayanora suckers
I flipped the script and turned the page
These fly rhymes and high times are brought to you by Suburban Noize
D-Loc, Saint Vicious, DJ Bobby be, Pakelika
The bakers man, bake me a cake
bad bitches that’s about head
I’m about to ride by hanging out the Benz
We getting money like we never heard of the feds
The black Bentley Coupe
her from the back
If not Sarah Jane can come give me brain and put them red lips on my sack.
Aww I been killin; it caz I've been gettin' bread
we do?

I want you by lonesome, above this counter space
It's easy and wholesome when no one's in the way
Well if no one's in the running for
bye dude) Peace

You saved me, sticky icky icky, from being crazy (I ain't one to be picky)
You never let me down, you're amazing, I get from others