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The day rolls in, the night rolls out
Desire rules without a doubt 
The heart beats fast, you salivate 
And when you come, it won't be late 
multiply- tear Heaven down...
With a Serpent's kiss, with a Serpent's kiss..."
[The Serpent to Eve (in turn, Eve to Adam):]
"Black superstition, denied by
Rule number one, if she ain't happy
You ain't happy
And if she ain't happy long enough
You're gonna be unhappy with half your stuff

Early on in our
You ever see those dead possum lying in the road
They were partially committed

Rule number one, if she ain't happy, you ain't happy
And if she
(six feet underground)

[Ja Rule]
Look at me now hittin' em up holdin it down
'cause I'm destined to be I know you love to see me
(6 feet
Closed my eyes by a violent river filled
With thoughts that left me shiver
Longed for a land to be delivered
Where the young don't catch the ship
by the ghost of Adam Smith,
The Wealth of Nations and the further death of innocence.
To rule the world, the desire of every man,
The earth is
gettin' by
If you can't see we bitches ya jags, we forward ya last
We Diamonds ya glass, we get pussy y'all ass. Give me love
We be wearing gloves tied
shorty what you drivin' stoned by your daddy
Oops, you almost had me, geesed up until I saw the truth
And one day I see you standin' at a token booth
about the wicked piggy roaster.
The sheriff at the border, he tried to take me out,
I drew my ax with the quickness, and cut his adams apple out!
to ya head

One time, in and out ya mind
I know the rules to the game, give assistance to my rhyme

I'm workin' my voodoo on you and you

What can ya do
gettin' by
If you can't see we bitches ya jags, we forward ya last
We Diamonds ya glass, we get pussy y'all ass. Give me love
We be wearing gloves tied
controlling your fate
'cause you didn't play the game by the rules ya know its too late
You tried to hop the fence on false pretence that's nonsense
You know
Ebonics, burnin, that's the shit
And that girl by the bar with the waistline
Shakin her hips (okay!!)
This is the last crusade, I might
Fix your
tucked inside
Never abided by the rules that I had to
Me and my physical was on some - quick to snatch the Cash Rule
From a flashy, analog nigga in
in the rapture of love'
A whole family that's been bought by the blood
And a new mindset is what God gives them
Brand new rules and new tools for
weeks sprung
It's the game, the muthafucka calls my name
Product made of yola 'cause the rules don't change
The prettiest thing is new white wall tires
know the rules
Kristopher, egotistical, narcissistic with ya!
If they say no then we tell 'em to get up and move we makin' some room!
I heard of these
Little Billy Blunderbuss looking for more recruits
city life is practice casket truancy
that's the rule of you and me, brash unmasked lunacy
to name women after produce
And that was the first Road Rules without toll booths
Even when Adam and Eve sat by the weed tree
I told Eve, "Please don't
I'm more than fascinated by the facets of creation and nature
I'm infatuated by the facts and attributes of my Creator
I wager this world don't even