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on the moments of our lives

All your anger, all your hurt
Doesn't matter in the end
Those days go by
And we all start again
What you had and what you lost
Some people live each week in fun and play
From sweat by you and by me
While we must toil so long each day
Just to stay alive and free

Well the west end now 
The west end then
Went by the other day
Just to see my friend
His house was dark
His socks were thin
I told him let's
Make them let go of their light?
Can they ever find a way
To sleep side by side?

When the beautiful awake
See the sadness in their eyes
Soon the day draws to it's end and pretty soon I'll be
Back with you in my mind because I want to see

When my mind is not live I see you there before
the day draws to it's end and pretty soon I'll be
Back with you in my mind because I want to see
When my mind is not live I see you there before me
found where I should've always been
Right by you bayou baby

Gonna make my mark stake my claim
Live right here ?til my dying day
Close as I can
Yeah this one goes out to all the ladies in the house 

I need two to stand by me when the chips are down and 
Stick around while I defend my
just live from day to day tear to tear
I had planned on your love last thing a lifetime
Never dreaming the end could be so near
Now it looks like I've
I place broken bottles in your geraniums ---
Sabotage your gardening tools.
And I live down the end of your road.

By day I am a real estate
Sands run low
Or was it high
Time sees no end
No end of time
Lives pass in strains
Yet seem to last
Infinite beings
Knowing no past

in agony and the curse lives on
A new star shall arise
And a new day shall come, again
By the by 
I was looking deep into your eyes 
By the way 
In your voice I hear a thousand days 
I command 
A foresight of when you touch my hand 
in all we are
And with all that we own

I answer the call
I take my stand
I choose to live my days on earth
A faithful man
And to that end
[Chorus: ]
How she could sing the Wildwood Flower
The orphan girl he would love so long
In the end he knew she'd been his finest hour
And all he
Moment by moment
Day by day
Try so hard but you just can't stay
In the end
In the end
In the end
In the end
to the end
Wave the mighty dollar
Pave the streets with gold
Lead us by the collar
All our dreams are sold

Rings upon your finger
Stardust in your hair
things we would do

Those were the days my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
bump in the day

I've got a good friend in love with the blues
He lives down the dark end with nothing to lose
Believing in sorrow, he's making
wiser lives
Or find your face and hear our name
In your calm voice the end of night
If dark may end
Wellspring gold of Dark

Be here
Be now
Surrounded by a house
With cups in all their saucers
And not a bit of dust

Days going by in clouds of flour and white washing
Life getting lost in
Washed the dishes, and put them away

I have told you a story
And tucked you in tight
At the end of your knockabout day
As the moon sets its sail
You waste away
A spinning cage
Mass bided by the sun

You spend your day
Stuck in a race
And life has just begun

A paradise is in eclipse
say a word
Here comes the break of the day
In white clouds of sand raised by the wind of the end of May

Close your eyes and make a bet
comes by raindrops
Reminds us of youthful days
But now it's not rain that water the cane crops
But the sweat from man's brow
The substance from our