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behind cages, Don of all ages
Its Ghostface nigga never plead in the cases
But I plead the fifth, four-fifth by the belt buckle
Crack stone-faced niggas
Bitches we love you motherfucka 

Bobby Digi, Bob Digital shit is critical 
Laid the fuck up inside the hospital 
It's a riddle of a sphinx
at the table it's the Futterman's rule (wohoo)
Workin' on my game cause it's time to tax
I'm on a crazy mission to wax Bob Mack, shit
Up to the top, 'till
Same skin hated by the klansmen
Big nose and lips, big hips and butts, dancin, what

I'm a African
I'm a African, uhh
And I know what's happenin
Bronx Style Bob is in the house, what you wanna do? (Party!)
Hen-Gee is in the house, what you wanna do, homeboy? (Party!) 
My man Shaquel is in