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Girl at the bus stop, talking French
To her girlfriend on the bench
I had my head in a book
I lost my place when I took a look

Girl at the bus
I see you walkin’ by the Cafe Moon ?
Well should I stay here on this bus stop bench
So strange to see you after all these years
So I cannot
On a bus stop bench sat an ancient lady 
It was clear she was dead yeah we all could agree
And that death had arrived quite unexpectedly 
in a Southside bus stop
And I'm smiling for this mugshot
That's when I knew the plan was bound to fail
By the time you hear the song I'll be singing
Y'all not clear what to call a career
Stop the bus, I'm hopping off here
Get down, snuck and got near
Just to watch you drown in them crocodile tears
on a bench
Now I got a jeep on this trip
Coke in the pot, heat on my head

Nigga don't stop blazin' 'cause ya target's movin'
Shoot 'till the gun's empty
I do this for the DJs,even in my PJs,
Ya girl go hard like Nicki and Weezy,
Forget about he say its all about she say,
Call my tour bus
got money for the toll there
Traffic backed up ahead of me, I see the road flares
School bus on my right, kids laughin' with brown and gold hair