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to side
Throw, yo' hands high, wave 'em side to side

[Big Moe]
Everybody clap yo' hands, and sing along wit me
It's Big Moe, the barre baby,
wit a nigga that compromise yo? hood
Yo? doin' shit you know it cool until the good

Got kids movin' work, hustlin' by the school
Using youngsters,
Yea, Uh Huh, Yea
We in the door now
Holla, Rule nigga, With the F-A-B-O haha, Yea
My nigga
Holla back nigga
Yea, Uh,
[Ja rule (fabolous)]
(we trin' to kill these niggas)
(yea, uh huh, yea)
We in the door now
Holla, rule nigga, with the f-a-b-o haha,
' hands highhh wave 'em side to side

Everybody clap yo' hands, and sing along wit me
It's Big Moe, da barre baby, representin these Southside streets
Phenomenon O.C.
Big L, one-three-nine baby
Diggin' In The Crates
Yeah yeah, this is Joe the God, Terror Squad reppin

Yo, yo, yo
I'm from
with a love jones, watch me son
Global with the local cats that's known trifted in the hell zone
Politic, modern Gotti click, 
Just a matter of time
Show the beginnin and the end when I'm spittin my verse
Voodoo curse brought back The Horsemen from the grave
Four headless motherfuckers that'll clap