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those stars are friends of mine

Crescent blushing veiled by rain
Glowing so the day she came
Sweet as laughter flowing free

Nowhere river carry me
(Dolly Parton)

Thumbing for a ride by the edge of the road 
With a brown paper bag to hold my clothes 
But tonight I'm going home where I belong 
sleeping he's whispering Maria te amo
Does a sweet senorita with sleepy brown eyes
Dance in his dreams while he lays by my side

Come se dice I love you
I didn't see you standing there
You took me by surprise
In your long silk dress
And those deep brown eyes
I was captured by your smile
But when fate
going to be high tonight
Dennis Rodman might fight tonight
Somebody getting slammed on, so stop complaining
Play the game like a man boy
Is you mad
Zone out, turn the lights off
Ant boogie, what up? Uh-huh

In the crib, with my wiz, getting my grown man on
Listening to classic soul, with
The crescent moon sits waxing in the clear, blue sky tonight 
Joanna sits relaxing down by the riverside 
The cigarette she's smoking, a symbol
Huh, well baby I swing low like sweet chariot 
Still a few of them thought that I was lame 
And then the big brown shah came! 

So let me send
Talking about big ol' booties and brown eyes
Chocolate, that's what I gotta have tonight
Leave up out the club with two tonight
Take shots then more
She gangsta from her head to her feet 
By birth I'm her soldier bet the pearl tongues sweet 
And I felt the world wind when we met 
She felt
- Minute by Minute
I aiÂ'n talkinÂ' Â'bout a sweet relation
Said it - get it - come on

While the groove is getting deeper
And the lights are burninÂ'
What'chu like? (Can you tell me, baby)
Why? How? All night long
(All night long)

I like 'em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian with
Beneath the old Trebor factory that burnt down in the early seventies. 
Leaving an antiquated sweet-shop smell & caverns of nougat & caramel. 
She my tenderoni 
My sweet sexy girl 
(ma tendoroni let me show you how am gonna love girl tonight) 

My heart belongs to tenderoni
I said hey mama, you seem to forget
I'm not in love yet
Sweet talk don't win me over
But I realized
Big brown eyes can hypnotize
When he says
I was mindin' my own business down on Deep Elum Street
The sun was comin' up and the birds was singin' sweet
When a car come around the corner,
My Life is just like a car crash
So slow down girls when you go passing me by
My world can never stop spinning
I got a girl in every city and they
hat at his forehead
A bunch of lace at his chin
A coat of claret velvet
And breeches of brown doe-skin
They fitted with nary a wrinkle
His boots
the dub
Sweet bang thug love in the middle of a club
After that, I'm still looking for mo'
I need a bitch, I need a hoe, I need a 3-0-4

Ice cube meltin in my sweet tea glass, 
The smell of fresh cut grass, 
Days like this I wish would last, 
Just go on forever. 

Layin' around
hat on his forehead, a bunch of lace at his chin,
A coat of claret velvet, and breeches of brown doe-skin;
They fitted with never a wrinkle; his boots
What'chu like? (Can you tell me, baby)
Why? How? All night long
(All night long)

I like 'em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian with
Nines crowns verses your nine towns
Run up with nine 9's, brown down, get to lyin' you down
[Chorus: sampled singer {U-God} (Raekwon)]	
One of these
sweet young ladies gonna give me a chance,
To doowutchyalike?
And get that thing packed tonight.
Vanessa Williams, ooh, you're so divine, 
Just wanted