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hating shit
Run over your crew like the New England Patriots
The craziest but I’m also the laziest
Never turn on the TV so I don’t know who Jay-Z is
Geah.. whassup?
Where's all my street niggaz, project niggaz
Real niggaz, worldwide
Let's reflect.. e'rybody got a story
We all ghetto
g'z and come clean on capris candy
I see my family running away from these folks
Down with young lay and qude downless flode
And roll another jay but in
All the ?
Got a gun seat behind me like my name Jay-Z
Can't no nigga blame me
Up? like some rabies
Got the hood life, I crazy
I'll paint your whole
best to be both
But let’s be honest a father really helps with your growth
But I was raised by Nas and Jay-Z and Big L and Eminem
All of them set
to everybody who was drinking Hennessey all night
Or all you dumb motherfuckers who bought that Ace of Spades champagne
Because Jay-Z put it in his new video.