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yea yea) 
In your mind, I call my pistol cause it stay by me (Uh-huh) 
That's like my brother, lucky mothers 
We ain't nothin to see (Uh-huh)
on Highland
Boosie had a black Monte Carlo and a 'Burban
I was in a grey Monte Carlo and a Tahoe
He was doing shows, bad hoes up in Talo's
I was speaking
at the park, khaki'd down, hanging with the fools
Smokin E.T., talkin about some drive-by
Lil knucklehead from my hood on a hoo-ride

A little knucklehead nigga
Boosie Badazz
Real shit

Since I was a lil’ nigga, this dude was my homie
Cops on the corner, he the one who will warn me
Never showed the lead,
and it lead
To duffle bagging with a dealer for a key in by the weekend And the roof is in the trunk with all the caution and the patience
Lil room