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the door 
Here you’re no orphan anymore 
Brothers and sisters by blood
This is the Family of God 
Oh, we are
Sons and daughters of the King
We are
through hell together
You're forever
Forged by fire

The young GI said from his VA bed
Why you wanna hang out with us broken men
When you could be
brothers, no others are what I hold true. My friends will forever by my family.
you just hit the lottery
On vacation in the Florida Keys
By now you could have had a family
Instead you ridin around smokin trees
Droppin off D in
by wind realities
Strong breeze, but you're free
I took the block off the horn 
So let knowledge be born
Blood brothers forever
Killa be	's
Straight up, c'mon Bub, I need you man
Yo, Straight up y'all
Yo Ghost I love you man
You know how we do this right here
We do this for our family
have cane
Crack house for my birthday
The next day my brother shot in cold blood by the police
In a rage he lived but he payed the price
Caught with
Did my job by not promoting a false reality
Touching the world, got to make this music live forever man
Live forever man, live forever man
Never let
I am Jan Brady,
And you must believe that
Or forever perish in your doubt
I am the soul embodiment of Jan,

And I exist to serve the Brady alter
I've taken inmate loses at the hands of this one
My pen's been the poison to family and friendships
Now is time to mend shit,
Time to bring
Older brother, restless soul, lie down
Lie for a while with your ear against the earth
And you'll hear your sister sleep talking
Say "Your hair is
for the same scheme
Took us to a place and made us work
All day and we couldn't have shit to say
Broke up the families forever
And to this day black
In your car, and we popped the steering wheel
And left it up by six flags (hit man)
My whole family full of ?hetland? hustlas
Now tell your
ask P the true meaning of being a brother
He said just some niggas that would die for each other
And can't be separated by money and bitches
Family, ain't nothing strong as that
And I'll be posted up where the strong is at
Brothers by my side, city on my back, real heroes
That's what
alone I wouldn't have hurt nobody, 
But with my brother's .22 I'd live to see the bodies 

Tired of feeling useless and living in my car, 
Now we
your whole family
No stress, never have to worry bout a thing
The best restaurants, furs and diamond rings

All paid for by the suckers and lames
The next day my brother shot in cold blood by the police
In a rage he lived but he payed the price
Caught with keys 25 to life
Takin' in by the crew
and well devoted
This piru shit been in me forever
So forever I'mma push it, wherever whenever
And I love you cause you love my brother like you did
outside when you heard my brother cry for help
Held him like a newborn baby and made him feel
Like everything was alright
And a fight he tried to put up,
with my brother see
Put together UGK and shit, the rest is history
We make hits by the dozen, put it down when they said we wasn't
Trust me it's nothin',
her time, 
Living by the Nile while the water flows
I'm contemplating plots wondering which door to go
Brothers getting shot, coming back resurrected
From the basics and warm, weather places
Dedicated to the brothers that never made it
Cut short, they prime read life between the lines
call me Bobby Suds since these niggas can't fade me
He got indicted by a snitching bitch named Stacey
I know these rapper niggas that got my brother's
more like your brother?
Together you would rule the throne
Evil and darkness would grow
This kingdom needs you

"Why can't you just be more like