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The Gallipoli Campaign (April 25, 1915-January 8, 1916),
A major land and sea operation of World War I, in which
British, French, Australian, and New Zealand
screwing up
Make sure I'm out screwing up
Make sure I'm out screwing up
Rough me up so I can holler like a damn fool
Get me arrested and taken to jail by
Hot, I'm looking great for the weekend

I remember it then

Like back in 1972
All the hippies sniffing glue
Now they're back
It's a fact

other than da "are" and without further a due like Freddy get ready it's .....

Whatever happen Lord, don't pass me by
'Cause whenever I did wrong it
don’t play British empire strikes back
They beating us like 808’s and high hats
At our own game of invasion, but this ain't Iraq
Who these fugees what
And keep in silent.
Another black person has died, that is true
But are you surprised? I ain't, because I already knew
By promoting political deaths they
records saying that we're a threat to decent society.
Fuck them. I hope we are.
What kind of depraved idiot thinks they can silence others by denying them